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PT Intiland Development Tbk was built in 1970 and has completed many iconic buildings such as Intiland Tower which was designed by Paul Rudolph and Regatta Apartment which was designed by Tom Wright from Atkins.

Now, Intiland has more portfolios in Jakarta and Surabaya from residential complexes, apartments, office buildings, hospitality centers, and industrial area. The primary focus of Intiland is property development and investment.

Some of the apartments that Intiland has built are 1Park Avenue Apartment, Aeropolis Residence in Tangerang, Sumatra36, and 1 Park Residence.



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Menara Marina Condominium

Jakarta Utara

Menara Marina Condominium

Fifty Seven Promenade (57 Promenade)

Jakarta Pusat

Fifty Seven Promenade (57 Promenade) Apartment is a residential concept Apartment located in a very strategic area. This apartment is located in Thamrin, next to Grand Indonesia. This apartment will be traversed by public transportation such as LRT and MRT stations, so staying here will be perfect for those of you who often or later want to use public transportation.   Fifty Seven Promenade (57 Promenade) Apartment is built on an area of ??3.2 hectares with the concept of mixed-use development consisting of 2 tower apartment strata, 1 strata office, 1 tower leased office, 1 tower service apartment and retail promenade. Fifty Seven Promenade itself consists of 2 towers with a total of 496 apartment units. The facilities provided by Fifty Seven Promenade are very interesting, because you can find Semi Outdoor Pool, Spa, Sauna and Jacuzzi, Sky Garden, Gym, Yoga Center, Library, Sunset Deck, Private Dining Area, Entertainment Area, Outdoor Lounge, BBQ Area up to Business Center.   Fifty Seven Promenade (57 Promenade) Apartment features a luxurious concept with canal views in the business center of Jakarta. Residing and working in a new residential area with all the best facilities in entertainment and culinary, concept retail, to the needs and premium facilities such as this apartment is the best choice for residents and guests to enjoy. The concept of a canal view with a location in the city center makes this apartment very exclusive because the concept is inspired by various international cities that have canal views. It can be said that this apartment provides a very beautiful natural touch.   The location of Fifty Seven Promenade (57 Promenade) Apartment gives the easiest access to the city center for your business and entertainment. Invest in this apartment place and offer you the best facilities that Jakarta can offer. Strategically located with easy access on the protocol road, toll access to the MRT, LRT and Airport Express stations, your mobility in this apartment will still be flexible and free. The development itself is designed to complement existing facilities around and create a luxurious lifestyle as well as an active lifestyle with a promenade area that is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as rooftop facilities that make a modern and luxurious impression.



Praxis superblock provided an integrated residential, business and entertainment facilities for its residences.

Graha Golf Condominium


Graha Golf is located in Surabaya and offers the golf course concept and theme.

Apartemen Pantai Mutiara

Jakarta Utara

Pantai Mutiara Apartment is an apartment located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pluit, North Jakarta. The location is growing rapidly so it is filled with housing, offices and trade areas, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and much more. This location also has high accessibility because it is close to the Outer Ring Toll and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.   Pantai Mutiara Apartment has quite complete facilities, including BBQ pit, event room, coin washing machine room, open parking, playground, swimming pool, garden, mini market, spa, gym, fitness center, jogging track, CCTV and security 24 hours. There is also a tennis court, children's center, basketball court and reseved parking.   The types of apartment units offered by Pantai Mutiara Apartment also vary, namely 1BR, 2BR and 3BR. The area of ??the unit ranges from 150m2 to 159m2. With the developer PT Intiland Development Tbk., This apartment offers an experience of high quality and irreplaceable residence. With the condition of the building that is ready to be occupied in two towers (Damar and Enggano), you just have to choose according to your needs and your family.   Pantai Mutiara Apartment is perfect for families, executives and expatriates who are looking for a quiet and comfortable residence and have an amazing view of the sea. You who certainly aspire to the convenience of staying one-stop living will not miss the investment of apartment units here.

South Quarter

Jakarta Selatan

South Quarter Jakarta Apartment that is located in the area of ??Jln. RA Kartini 01, TB Simatupang, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, is Intiland's multi-use premium development project with the Sustainability concept. Having a land area of ??7.2 hectares, South Quater Simatupang Jakarta combines office towers with SQ DOME in the middle, retail F & B, residential apartments and 80% of the total green open area.   South Quarter Apartment is very strategic as it is close to various other public facilities, including international schools (Singapore International School, Jakarta International School and Highscope), Private Schools (Don Bosco Pondok Indah High School and High School), Hospitals (Siloam Hospital and Mayapada Hospital ), and shopping centers (Carrefour, Cilandak Town Square and Pondok Indah Mall).   South Quarter Apartment is an apartment that carries the concept of luxury housing, so that the facilities owned are not inferior to starred hotels. The facilities include a supermarket, library, swimming pool, multipurpose room, lobby, gym, children's playground and yoga. There are also day care centers, bicycle parking and SQ Dome with F&B retails such as Starbucks, Delico, Carls Jr., Kyochon, Penang Bistro, Rach Market, and others.   The types of units offered by South Quarter Apartments vary, including 1 BR size 36 - 60 square meters, 2 BR size 86 - 93 square meters and 3 BR size 117 square meters with limited units with Modular Layout. The first of its kind in the area, the main gate of the South Quarter Apartment is strategically located on an easy road to enter the TB Simatupang toll road.   The 30 meter long road that connects RA Kartini to Lebak Bulus 1 road creates a new long front area to the complex and provides easy access to the surrounding business district, airport, port and CBD. The potential investment value of South Quater Apartments is increasing with the location of SQ apartments flanked by 2 MRT stations, namely Lebak Bulus MRT and Fatmawati MRT. Residents of apartments can easily reach SCBD Sudirman and Central Jakarta quickly.

Al Baiti Premier


The Al Baiti Premier Cengkareng is an apartment that stands in the Cengkareng area, Tangerang. This apartment is only 700 meters from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Since 2010, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is the airport that serves the most passengers in Southeast Asia and occupies the 16th position in the world. In 2011, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport served the 4th most passengers in Asia after airports in Beijing, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and was ranked 12th in the world.   Located close to the busiest airport in Indonesia, The Al Baiti Premier Cengkareng can be the right investment choice to rent to travelers, business people, expats who want quick access to the airport at any time. If it is not for rent, this apartment can become a residence with high accessibility for those of you who frequently travel through this international airport.   The Al Baiti Premier Cengkareng was built with the concept of an exclusive private dormitory. This apartment was built as a supporter of the development of the airport area on an area of ??6 ha. In addition, various other facilities will also be established, such as offices, business centers, shopping centers, sports clubs, hotels and airport shuttle buses.   The types of units offered by The Al Baiti Premier Cengkareng are very diverse. There are types of Standard-1 (27.85 m2), Standard-2 (29.45 m2), Standard-3 (26.53 m2), HOEK 1 (30.54 m2), HOEK 2 (26.53 m2), and HOEK 3 (28.28 m2). With a total of 253 units (222 apartments, and 31 shops on the Ground floor), this service residence project is an Intiland Development offering. This apartment, which is very close to Soekarno Hatta Airport, will be focused on Umrah Hajj accommodations from various cities. The management will also cooperate with the official tour of the departure of the pilgrimage and Hajj and MICE.   With Sofyan Hotel Management who manages The Al Baiti Premier Cengkareng, you have the potential to get an ROI (return of investment) of 20% in 2 years. Not only that, but there is also the potential for 100% Payback in 15 years by Sunlife Financial Indonesia even though the units have been sold. Moreover, all units have also been fully furnished and service charge free. If you have not yet invested in this house, maybe now is the right time.  

The Rosebay


The Rosebay is an apartment that has a concept Low Rise and Low Density, which emphasizing the availability of green area to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the residents.   The Rosebay has become the main target of those who seek for strategic residential area, because it is close to a variety of other public facilities. Among others, National Hospital, Spazio Office Building, various restaurants, and shopping centers.   The Rosebay established on an area of 280 hectares, which is equipped with many facilities. Such as golf courses, restaurant, swimming pool, jogging track, gym, fitness center, barbecue area, mini market, children's playground, CCTV, 24-hour security, and others.   Type of units offered is diverse, including Standard 2 BR, 2 BR Deluxe, 3 BR Standard, 3 BR Deluxe, and 3 BR Corner.



Aeropolis Residence is a low-rise apartment complex located only 700 meters from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng. This area consists of apartment buildings, offices, retail centers, commercial centers, hotels, and warehouses. This property development company is PT Intiland Development Tbk, which wants to realize "Airport City" through Aeropolis. City airports or airport cities are expected to be complementary with Soekarno Hatta Airport, which is now being expanded.   Aeropolis Residence has a variety of facilities, including offices, retail, residential, hotel, and the needs of a complete and modern airport city lifestyle. The developer believes that with the concept of integrated regional development, Aeropolis will revive the airport and its surrounding areas, and contribute to the company's significant long-term growth. Aeropolis itself is a large-scale development with a planned area of ??350 hectares.   The developer has begun construction of the first 14-hectare stage in 2012, which includes apartments, commercial areas, and lifestyle facilities as well as hotels. For residential facilities, the company developed Aeropolis Residence (AR) and Aeropolis Crystal Residence (ACR) apartments. Two units of shuttle buses are also provided to facilitate the mobility of residents from the Aeropolis area to Soekarno Hatta Airport.   ACR is a new development in the form of six tower apartments. Tower 1 is an apartment with a one-bedroom unit equipped with a family room and kitchen. Tower 2 is a two-room apartment that is also equipped with a family room and kitchen. Tower 2 has a limited number of units, namely 140 apartment units.   In addition to Aeropolis Residence, the developer also developed Aeropolis Commercial Park as a center for business and commercial facilities with a planned 5.3-hectare land area. Aeropolis Commercial Park is projected to start operating in mid-2014, which has 105 office and retail units, as well as 300 hotel boutique hotels. Facilities available include clubhouses, food centers, and Aeropolis Techno Park for cargo warehouses and offices.   You can make Aeropolis Residence as a resting place either after or before heading to the airport. Moreover, this apartment is a low-end apartment with a calm and comfortable atmosphere.  



Built in the capital of East Java, Sumatra 36 Apartment has 12 floors with a total of 63 units. It makes, this apartment become very exclusive and private. Sumatra 36 Apartment designed by Chan Sau Yan Associates, from Singapore, which create a magnificent building with the luxurious interior. Even so, the architect still considers environmental aspect by allocating 60% of the land for the green and open area.   Not only that, the location of Sumatra 36 Apartment is very strategic because it is close to Wisma BII, Surabaya Plaza, and Tunjungan Plaza.   Sumatra 36 Apartment also provides a variety of facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, multifunctional hall, and 24-hour concierge services.   There are two types of units offered by Sumatra 36 Apartment, the two-bedroom (with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, and a living room) and 3-bedroom (with 3 + 1 bedrooms, 3 + 1 bathrooms, full kitchen, living room, and dining room).


Jakarta Selatan

The Kintamani Apartment is a residential apartment located in the heart of South Jakarta. You can reach areas like Kemang and Dharmawangsa just on foot. Not only that, this apartment is only 200 meters from the main road and can reach the Sudirman area in 30 minutes. In addition, other public facilities around the apartment that you can find include shopping centers and hospitals that can be accessed to meet the needs of residents easily.   With Balinese architecture, The Kintamani Apartment has excellent apartment building quality with satisfying management. This apartment provides complete building facilities such as two swimming pools, tennis courts and a fitness center that can be used by residents to exercise. There is also a garden to relax for residents. The apartment is also equipped with a 24-hour security system and surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of residents.   In addition, you can also find other facilities at The Kintamani Apartment such as 1 + 2 basement parking for vehicle parking (reserved parking lot), barbecue area, multipurpose room next to swimming pool, jogging track, mini market, children's playground, laundry service, ATM, where all of these facilities are located in a large area and have plenty of greenery.   Service charges and electricity costs at The Kintamani Apartment are pretty cheap. Usually new apartments with premium locations charge an average service charge of around Rp. 30,000 to above / per square meter / day. In addition, many expats, especially from Korea, are very fond of staying here thanks to their quality and management. Therefore, the community and its market share have been formed, so it is very promising if you want to rent out units in this apartment.   The surrounding area of ?? The Kintamani Apartment consists of beautiful Dharmawangsa housing, because all the surrounding scenery is unobstructed. This is why this apartment is comfortable for families, especially with the feel of being on vacation in a resort residence. Apart from that, this apartment is also near the center of the SCBD Sudirman golden triangle - Gatot Soebroto - Kuningan, as well as the premium shopping area (Pacific Place - Senayan City - Plaza Senayan - Lippo Mall Kemang).   The Kintamani Apartment is available in 4 unit options, including the type of studio that is suitable for residents who are not married. Unit 2 Bed Rooms, 3 Bed Rooms, and 4 Bed Rooms can be your choice for families with a larger room size. This apartment offers a blend of modern surroundings with premium prices but still gives a familiar and comfortable local impression.  

1Park Avenue

Jakarta Selatan

Developed by Intiland Development Inc., 1 Park Avenue stands on 2.5 ha area and it is adjacent to 1Park Residences. Its location in Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, and also have the best access to the SCBD and Sudirman, so this apartment can be termed as an apartment with a strategic location. Plus, this apartment is surrounded by several shopping centers such as Pondok Indah Mall (PIM), Gandaria City, Senayan City and Plaza Senayan. 1Park Avenue has four apartment towers and three condominium towers. This exclusive residential consists of 27 floors with a total of 232 units, including penthouse units, where each tower has only 88 units. In each unit there are available facilities that can increase the convenience of its resident(s), including the private elevator, greeneries, marble and parquet floors, telephone and TV connection, panoramic view of the city, security with CCTV as a support, and others. Residents and visitors can choose several apartments available, including the 2 BR (137.5 sqm), 2 BR + 1 study room (146.5 sqm), 3 BR (177 sqm), Junior Penthouse (314.5 - 323.5 sqm), Grand Penthouse (629 - 647 sqm).    


Jakarta Utara

The Regatta Jakarta is a mixed development complex of 11 skyscrapers overlooking the Java Sea in Pluit, Jakarta, Indonesia. Later there will be 10 apartment towers, a 5-star hotel, serviced apartment, and Aqua Park. This area is the only residency in Jakarta with car and cruise ship parking. The master plan of the design of this building is by Tom Wright, who also designed the iconic Burj Al Arab building. With a land area of ??around 11 hectares, there is a 2,4-hectare water park inside the complex.   The highest tower of The Regatta Jakarta is a hotel building that is 163 meters high and consists of 40 floors. All towers in this region have also been named according to the major port cities in the world and each of them is oriented towards their corresponding city winds.   The Regatta Jakarta has an iconic design taken from a nautical theme with the main idea of ??sailing, then built into a brilliant architectural concept and perfectly realized by Atkins - the architect of the Burj Al Arab. The building cluster represents an elegant sailing yacht that departs from the cardinal point of the compass, so the name 'Regatta' appears. The Regatta has become the symbol of the city of Jakarta and won the Prix d'Excellence provided by the International Federation of Real Estate, FIABCI, one of the most prestigious awards for architectural design competitions worldwide.   The Regatta Jakarta is run by the Mutiara Buana Cooperation Agency (BKMB), a joint venture company, which was established in collaboration with PT Intiland Development, Tbk. and PT Global Ekabuana. The residence is equipped with Aqua Park, jogging track, spa, fitness center, royal heritage SPA garden, Circle K mini-mart, Filoli Laundry, swimming pool, BBQ area, outdoor children's playground, business center, and function room.   The Regatta Jakarta offers type two and three rooms of a spacious size and luxuriously designed. In addition, each apartment unit is also equipped with quality furniture to provide a comfortable stay for its residents. It is not surprising if this residence is a luxury apartment in the capital city of Jakarta at a premium price. With views of the open sea and located in a remote area, far from the noise of the city, Regatta is a suitable place for those of you who are looking for the most perfect things in life.

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