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PT Graha Loka Pangestu (GLP) is one of the newest property developers in Indonesia. GLP has just launched a new apartment targeted for girls called Adhigrya Pangesty (AGP) apartment in Depok, West Java.

The apartment is targeted for the students of the universities along Margonda road. Before, GLP built a house for girls called Griya Pangestu and changed it into an apartment. The reason the company built an apartment for girls is because there's a weird phenomenon in Depok, especially in Universitas Indonesia where there are more girls than boys.




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Adhigrya ??Pangestu is a vertical housing for women built near the UI campus, precisely on Jalan Margonda Raya, Depok. In addition, this apartment is also located close to Gunadarma University. In addition, various shopping centers and office buildings that will support the dynamic active lifestyle of modern women today also surround this apartment.   Adhigrya ??Pangestu is equipped with many facilities such as salon, laundry, fitness center, exclusive swimming pool, Internet, cable TV, mini market, access cards, and 24-hour security. This residence offers several types of studios with different sizes. The types of units offered are type 39 (64 units), type 33 (16 units), type 30 (272 units), type 28 (42 units), type 27 (86 units), and type 26 (16 units).   Adhigrya ??Pangestu comes at a low-end price, making it suitable for female students and female workers who want affordable and comfortable housing with complete facilities in the City of Depok. PT Graha Loka Pangestu developed this residence on a total land area of 2,112 square meters.   The developer developed Adhigrya ??Pangestu for women - making it the first in Indonesia. The considerable number of the female population in Depok can be seen from the specifics that the developer took statistically, where there is a correlation of the population in Depok where 50 percent are women. In addition, the high crime rate in Depok that can provide a sense of insecurity for women is also the purpose of this residential building.   Adhigrya ??Pangestu built one tower with a height of 24 floors, including three rubanah floors with a total of 551 units. This residential market target is 80 percent of investors and 20 percent of end-users. Students from the University of Indonesia (UI), Pancasila University, and Gunadarma University were recognized by the developers to be a quite large market. On average each year, there are 20,000 new students and assuming 50 percent of them are female students, so the captive market is for 10,000 people.   The apartment with a project value of Rp 209 billion will be built by the main contractor PT Adhicon Perkasa and is projected to be completed in 2018.  

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