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Madison Avenue


Madison Avenue Surabaya Apartments offer modern life with world-class architecture for those who want the most comfortable and the best residential. Surrounded by natural scenery in the heart of South Surabaya, this apartment is equipped with five-star facilities to meet your needs and provide you with exceptional fire safety features for your safety.   A prestigious modern house and smart office space located near the CBD area and various universities / institutions with easy access that make Madison Avenue Surabaya Apartment the right choice for entrepreneurs, office workers and students. This apartment is located right in the heart of Surabaya making it easy to access its residents to other strategic areas in the city. You will also have quick access to HCOS Premier Hospital, Surabaya University, Petra University, South Surabaya CBD Jemursari, Margorejo and A. Yani.   This apartment with a residential concept with a business place in a strategic location was built on an area of ??2.5 hectares and is planned to consist of 5 towers, where each tower consists of 1,000 units (500 apartment units and 500 office units). Madison Avenue Surabaya Apartment offers several choices of units. There is a studio unit / 1 BR measuring 3510 X 6300, 2 BR with a size of 5200 X 6300 and a 3 BR unit measuring 7600 X 6300. The apartment is also equipped with facilities such as an integrated swimming pool, children's playground, fitness center, spa , meeting room, thematic park, internet, commercial area, and restaurant area.   As the first eco green concept apartment in Surabaya, Madison Avenue Surabaya Apartments offer residential facilities with luxurious facilities at affordable low end prices. This apartment has medical facilities that are very adequate, because in addition to public health facilities such as ambulances & Emergency Rooms, on the 5th floor of tower A is dedicated to the Medical Center. For doctors and prospective doctors, this unit is specifically available to you as a practice place, health and beauty clinic, other medical services and at the same time as a place to live. This apartment certainly gives you a comfortable and safe occupation while also being a promising investment.

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