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PT Jaya Real Property Tbk was established in 1979 and is one of the leading property developers in Indonesia, focusing on residential and commercial and the portfolio are in Central Jakarta, West Jakarta, and South Jakarta.

Its core business is developing an integrated residential area that is also sustainable with varieties of products to fulfill the needs of customers from different segments, starting from the land's availability, design, construction and sales. PT Jaya Real Property is commited to always increase an additional value for their customers and stakeholders.

Their biggest project, Bintaro Jaya, is an integrated residential town of 2,000 hectare land that offers varieties of residential products and commercial, supported by educational facilities, recreation, hospitality, and transportation that is integrated to all areas of Jabodetabek.



CBD Emerald Blok CE/A No. 01, Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang Selatan 152227 Indonesia



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Emerald Bintaro


Emerald Bintaro Apartment is an apartment owned by PT Jaya Real Property located on Jalan Raya Jombang, Bintaro Jaya, South Tangerang. Its location next to the British International School makes it also close to the CBD area and various other facilities such as shopping centers, health and other public facilities. Developers choose the Bintaro area because the area is very concerned about spatial planning and accommodation so that currently Bintaro is the best choice as a location for housing and investment.   Emerald Bintaro Apartment is built on 2.9 hectares of land which will also have 7 towers with 27 floors. The location of this apartment is very strategic because it is close to the Bintaro-Pondok Indah toll gate, so you only need 10 minutes from the toll road. In addition, this apartment is also only 2 minutes away from CBD Emerald Bintaro Jaya. This apartment presents a residential environment that is beautiful, comfortable, safe and strategic, making anyone who lives in it will be spoiled and feel at home for long there.   The complete and supporting facilities offered by the Emerald Bintaro Apartment include a jogging track, swimming pool, medical center, children's playground, mini market, 24-hour security and shuttle bus. For external facilities, you can find international standard schools, famous hospitals, train stations, shopping centers and office buildings. Examples of well-known educational institutions include Pembangunan Jaya University, Global Jaya International School and Jakarta Japanese School.   The types of units offered by Emerald Bintaro Apartments consist of semi gross studio types with a size of 21.7 square meters, type 2 BR semi gross with a size of 36.4 square meters, and type 2 BR semi gross with a size of 38.7 square meters. For health facilities around the Emerald Bintaro Apartment, you can visit the Premier Hospital and Pondok Indah Bintaro Hospital. For shopping centers, you can visit Carrefour, Modern Market, BTC (Bintaro Trade Center), Lottemart, Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, Giant and Living Plaza. All these advantages can be realized because this apartment was developed by a trusted developer with a trusted reputation. By being in a strategic location and equipped with facilities that support the living needs of its residents, the investment value in the Emerald Bintaro Apartment will certainly increase every year.



The Altiz Tower of Bintaro Plaza Residence is one of the towers of Bintaro Plaza Residence developed by PT Jaya Real Property Tbk. Located in Bintaro, Tangerang, this tower is a superblock project inside the Bintaro Plaza complex. Occupancy in Altiz Tower is targeted at middle-class buyers or renters. Therefore, the type you can find is only Studio type and 2 Bedroom type.   The division of tower room types for the Altiz Tower of Bintaro Plaza Residence is divided into Studio A semi-gross measuring 28.72 square meters, Studio B semi-gross measuring 31.3 square meters, 2 bedrooms type A measuring 49.3 square meters, 2 bedrooms type B measuring 53, 70 square meters, 2 bedrooms type C measuring 55.63 square meters, 2 bedrooms type D measuring 60.86 square meters, and 2 bedrooms type E measuring 60.86 square meters.   The Altiz Tower of Bintaro Plaza Residence and the area, in general, are developed to increase the accommodation options of the Bintaro people, especially after the Bintaro area dominates the list of 'hot locations' in terms of property search for sale in 2015. Complete facilities are said to be one of the main factors why this area continues to be hunted. In addition, the reason why Bintaro and its surroundings continue to be targeted by property consumers is that the region is still developing.   In addition, the Altiz Tower of Bintaro Plaza Residence also guarantees a high Return of Investment (ROI) in the coming years. An example of the development of the Bintaro area can be seen by the presence of a number of new shopping centers and supporting infrastructure such as JORR W2. Not only those, but developers who focus on Bintaro are also considered more care in providing facilities for residents.   People who buy studio types in the Altiz Tower of Bintaro Plaza Residence rent out more of their units, but this is different from those who buy type 2 bedrooms (mostly end users). As a residential with the concept of transit-oriented development (TOD), this residence is integrated with Pondok Ranji Station, which makes it easy for people to access Jabodetabek Commuter. In addition, the location of the tower is also close to the Pondok Aren Toll Gate and is supported by other modes of transportation such as the Trans Bintaro and In-Trans Bintaro feeder buses.  

Silk Town


The Silk Town Apartment is a vertical residence located on Jalan Bhayangkara, Alam Sutera, South Tangerang, Banten. This residence is in a very strategic location, especially with its proximity to the Alam Sutera Mall, Flavor Bliss, Omni International Hospital, Binus University, and St. Laurensia School.   The Silk Town Apartment area uses the latest mixed-used development concept, which is developed on an area of ??more than 12 hectares. Within this area there are several high-rise towers consisting of condominiums, offices, SOHO, shopping arcades, and other commercial areas. The location is also more strategic because it is close to the Alam Sutera tollgate.   The Silk Town Apartment offers various facilities, including infinity swimming pool, exclusive multipurpose room, fitness center, sky garden, BBQ pavilion, children's playground, mini market and laundry. As for the security aspect, this apartment is equipped with smart access cards, 24-hour security, and CCTV. Inside the apartment unit, residents can also enjoy the facilities provided such as Internet access and cable TV.   Other facilities that you can enjoy at the Silk Town Apartment include a luxurious reception lobby, children's pool and in-and-out parking. The composition of apartment units sold is 60% for studios, 30% for 1 BR, and 10% for 2 BR. The three types of units offered at Silk Town Apartment are studios (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I), 1BR (A, B, C, D, E), and 2BR (A, D , E). All of these units are the newest apartment and condominium units at low prices at Alam Sutera, presented by trusted developer Jaya Properti Group, which also develops the Bintaro and Graha Raya areas. In designing the building, Jaya Properti Group took MKPL Singapore.   The Silk Town Apartment has a strata title status on an area of ??12 hectares. After launching the first phase on June 13, 2015, this apartment has experienced a significant increase in investment value. Moreover, the apartment is very close to several other complete supporting facilities such as Giant Alam Sutera supermarket, IKEA, Living World Mall, Mercure Hotel, and Magna School.  



The Bintaro Accent Apartment is an apartment that is strategically located in CBD Bintaro Sector 7, Tangerang. This apartment has easy access to the Sudirman and Thamrin areas in the center of the capital and close to the train station and TransJakarta stops. In addition, the location of the apartment is flanked by the CIMB Niaga office building and the Lotte Mall shopping center, as well as being close to the Premier Bintaro Hospital.   The Bintaro Accent Apartment was built on an area of ??3,300 square meters. This one tower apartment building has 22 floors, 10 units per floor, and a total of around 240 units. The first phase of its construction consisted of 110 units, and the types offered were type 1 bedroom (39.4 m2) and 2 bedrooms (77.8-81.9 m2).   The Bintaro Accent Apartment is equipped with various facilities to pamper its residents. Facilities available include a swimming pool, children's playground, commercial area, fitness center, function room, and 24-hour security. The building was designed by MKL, an architecture company from Singapore, using eco-design concepts that are applied to building systems and the front view of the building.   The Bintaro Accent Apartment is surrounded by public facilities that make it easy for residents to visit trade centers, educational facilities, health facilities, offices, and arcades. This residence has direct access to the Pondok Ranji Toll Road, which connects Bintaro with other developing regions such as Pondok Indah and Puri Indah.   The Bintaro Accent Apartment was developed by PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk as one of the leading residential and commercial property developers in Indonesia. The developer already has a diverse portfolio that includes retail malls, mixed retail office development, condominiums, trade centers and housing developments strategically located in South, West and North Jakarta.   The Developer's core business is the development of integrated and sustainable housing communities in a well-managed green environment. Bintaro Jaya, for example, is an independent community that is served by an excellent transportation network and first-level social and physical infrastructure. This area is a best practice in the management environment, and green construction is a design priority.   The Bintaro Accent Apartment is perfect for professionals and young couples who have a modern and dynamic lifestyle with affordable low-end prices.  

Bintaro Plaza Residence


Bintaro Plaza Residence is a residential project of PT Jaya Real Property Tbk in Bintaro, Tangerang. This project is a superblock project on an area of ??10 hectares contained within the Bintaro Plaza complex. The Master Plan of Bintaro Plaza consists of residential areas, commercial areas, retail areas, campuses, hotels, and SOHO (Small Office, Home Office).   Bintaro Plaza Residence is located in the center of Bintaro, where infrastructure is well developed. From this apartment, you only need 3 minutes to schools and universities, 5 minutes to Pondok Ranji Station, 7 minutes to Pondok Aren toll exit and Premier Bintaro Hospital, 8 minutes to CBD, and 10 minutes to Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall.   Bintaro Plaza Residence has three types of units, namely studio (25 m2), 1 bedroom (35 m2), and 2 bedrooms (65 m2). Breeze Tower is a sequel to Altiz Tower, which was launched in February 2013 (100% sold). With an integrated lifestyle concept and located in the heart of Bintaro Jaya, this apartment offers a new way to enjoy life with easy access to a variety of places, supporting facilities and entertainment to meet your modern and dynamic lifestyle.   Bintaro Plaza Residence has various facilities provided for each of its residents. You and your family can enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, function room, children's playground, commercial area, and Wifi connection. Parking lots and security are also guaranteed because parking is available inside and outside the room and overseen by surveillance cameras. The apartment area can only be accessed by card, and there is always an officer on guard.   Bintaro Plaza Residence has a lucrative investment value thanks to its location in the rapidly growing Bintaro area with the arrival of thousands of new residents (most of whom are Indonesian middle and upper-class families). The location is relatively close to the Jakarta business center (SCBD, Sudirman or TB Simatupang) and the environment is relatively clean and not disturbed by traffic congestion. In addition, there are many famous facilities and services that are not inferior to the capital city.  

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