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Airlangga Ritz Carlton

Jakarta Selatan

Airlangga Ritz Carlton is a residential apartment located in a complex with Ritz Carlton Kuningan, Jakarta. This 14th tallest building in Jakarta has 278 rooms and 55 suites managed by Ritz Carlton. This building has a height of 212 meters, with 48 floors and 4 basements. This hotel and apartment complex is located right in the heart of Mega Kuningan, so this prestigious apartment is perfect for both your business and leisure needs. The area is surrounded by office buildings, embassy buildings, and mixed-use developments.   The comfortable place of Airlangga Ritz Carlton also provides private elevators for all residents. In addition, all apartment residents have the right to enjoy the facilities of 5-star Ritz Carlton hotels such as fitness centers, running tracks, swimming pools, saunas and spas. You will also get 3 (three) special car parking spaces for 440sqm units, or 6 (six) special car parking spaces for 880sqm units.   With a large size and complete with the best quality furniture, Airlangga Ritz Carlton offers type 4 and 5 bedrooms with modern kitchens. Each unit occupies one floor, and on each floor has a private elevator, access and lobby. Floors 27-48 of Tower A and B Area 440 sqm (4 BR) provides units with a large living room, balcony, dining room, family room, 4 Bedrooms (each bedroom is equipped with walking closet and bathroom), dry kitchen, wet kitchen, guest toilet, bedroom and bathroom attendants, as well as storage space.   Floor 27-48 of Tower CP Area 880 sqm (4 large Bedrooms) Airlangga Ritz Carlton also provides a large living room, balcony, dining room, family room, 4 bedrooms (each bedroom is spacious, if necessary can be modified by adding a home theater space, work space and other necessities), equipped with walk closet and bathroom, dry kitchen, wet kitchen, guest toilet, 2 maid bedrooms and bathroom, and storage room.   Airlangga Ritz Carlton is one of the high-end apartments that offers safe, luxurious, comfortable dwellings with exclusive and elegant apartment units.  

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