PT. Adhi Commuter Properti (ADCP)

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Gateway Park LRT City


Gateway Park is a future residential area with the concept of an Urban Resort in the form of a private residence equipped with commercial area facilities and directly connected to the Jatibening Baru LRT station, thus guaranteeing punctuality, solutions, a good life, comfortable, safe, and free of traffic jams. Gateway Park has 5 TOD concepts, namely Walkable (all facilities can be accessed by foot), Connect (connected to the Jatibening Baru LRT station), Shift & Transit (available LRT and shuttle buses), Mixed Use (a mix of residential and commercial areas), and Densify (residential area optimized for land located in urban and sub-urban areas) Gateway Park itself is one of the properties of a subsidiary of PT. Adhi Commuter Properti (ADCP) which is a subsidiary of the State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) PT. Adhi Karya Tbk. In 2018, Adhi then carried out a spin off of the TOD department to become its subsidiary, namely PT. Adhi Commuter Properti

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