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The Aparkost


The Aparkost Bogor is an apartment (apartment) boarding (kost) (aparkost) located in Bogor, West Java. This house is indeed a boarding house that also carries the concept of an apartment to be a practical yet cheap residential solution for students. Its location, which is close to various leading universities in Bogor, such as ITB and IPB, makes this residence a target for students from other cities in Indonesia as well.   The area per unit of The Aparkost Bogor is 10 to 12 m2. Each unit is complete with furniture, namely mattresses, cabinets, study tables, air conditioning, and bathrooms. The offered building facilities are also very attractive: a secure parking area, swimming pool, jogging track, prayer room, garden, outdoor entertainment arena, children's playground, and 24-hour security.   For those who want to invest in a promising property, The Aparkost Bogor can be the right choice to rent or sell again later. By joining this property consortium, you can already have the first Student Apparel at IPB Bogor that is affordable and has great investment opportunities.

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