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Mahata Tanjung Barat

Jakarta Selatan

The Mahata Tanjung Barat Apartment is a vertical residence in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. This project was developed by Perumnas in collaboration with PT Kereta Api Indonesia to present an integrated TOD (transit-oriented development) residence close to electric railroad transportation. The project, which stands on an area of ??1.50 hectares, will not only be equipped with a variety of commercial, park and ride, and amphitheater areas but also direct connectivity to Tanjung Barat Station and AEON Mall.   There are three types of units offered at the Mahata Tanjung Barat Apartment namely studio, 1 east room, and 2 east rooms from the size of 21 square meters to 46 square meters. Based on market surveys, said Anna, Perumnas noted that around 52.24 percent of the housing supply backlog was in Jakarta, however, on the other hand, land prices in Jakarta also increased every year. This is what spurs developers to get around every idle asset owned by BUMN / BUMD in the Jakarta area so they can work together and optimize housing needs for the community.     State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), which focus on the property sector are trying to make various breakthroughs to bring affordable housing to the people of Indonesia. With the presence of the Mahata Tanjung Barat Apartment, Perumnas saw an extraordinary public interest in this project. Evidently, the project for tower type subsidies has been sold out, as well as 1 commercial tower type.   The handover target to consumers of the Mahata Tanjung Barat Apartment will be carried out in stages starting from mid-2021. In addition, the construction of this residence is also expected to help the people of Jakarta not get stuck in traffic every time they travel. According to data from the Ministry of Transportation, in 2024 there will be up to 4 hours of consumption from buffer cities such as Bogor and Tangerang to Jakarta by driving a car.   The Mahata Tanjung Barat Apartment is expected to be one of the key answers for the people of Jakarta to be more efficient in their daily lives. By pocketing the IMB Foundation in 2018 and continued with the definitive IMB, the developer is optimistic that the construction phase of this project will be completed as targeted. The developer also hopes that in the future integrated housing concepts like this can be applied to other big cities in Indonesia. In this way, not only can the level of congestion be overcome, but air pollution can also be reduced significantly.  

Mahata Margonda


Mahata Margonda Depok Apartment is an apartment with an integrated concept that is suitable for students, young executives, and families. Having such integrated concepts and designs makes this apartment easy to reach and reach anytime. The residents of the apartment lived comfortably because they did not have to travel far to be able to enjoy the facilities around the apartment.   The location of the Mahata Margonda Depok Apartment is very strategic and is located close to various important areas in Depok. This apartment is integrated with a variety of transportation options making it easy to access from and to this exclusive apartment. This apartment also has a good investment value because it is located in a region that is advancing rapidly. These are all the vision and goals of building developers, BUMN Perumnas and KAI.   Mahata Margonda Depok Apartment has three types of apartment units provided to meet your needs. The three types are semi-gross studio type covering an area of ??23 square meters, type 1 BR semi-gross covering 32 square meters, and type 2 semi-gross BR covering an area of ??42 square meters. Each unit is neatly and professionally designed to give the impression of a comfortable and pleasant stay.   Located in Margonda, Depok, Mahata Margonda Depok Apartment is located close to various important locations in the southern part of Jakarta as well. This location is only 0 km to Universitas Indonesia, 0 km to Mall Margo City, 0 km to the Margonda Toll Door, and 0 km to Gunadarma University. The location is very strategic, making Mahata Margonda the best apartment in the region.   Mahata Margonda Depok Apartment proves its prestige as a transportation-based vertical occupancy in Depok that is integrated between residential and public transportation modes (KRL station, Bus Stop, Public Transportation Stop, and Highway). Facilities offered include a swimming pool, Park & ??Ride, playground, jogging track, community Hall, Player Room and 24-hour security. The plan is that Perumnas & KAI build 4 towers with a total of 3,693 units on an area of ??2.7 hectares. With the many advantages offered, of course you don't want to miss the opportunity to invest here.

Prasada Mahata Rawa Buntu


Prasada Mahata Apartment Rawa Buntu is a project formed by Perum Perumnas, a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) where all of its shares are in government ownership in collaboration with PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (PT. KAI). As the name implies, this apartment is a vertical residence in the form of an apartment close to the Rawa Buntu line commuter station. Because of its close access to transportation, you can reach it in a short time because of its integration with the Rawa Buntu commuter line station. Prasada Apartment Mahata Rawa Buntu has the concept of TOD (Transit Oriented Development). If you don't know what the TOD concept is, this concept presents an exclusive residence connected directly with one or more types of mass transportation. In this case, what is meant is the Rawa Buntu line commuter station. This concept is there to provide a solution for residents to live a better quality of life thanks to the ease of transportation access. You might not even need to spend a lot of money and time, so you can allocate it more to your family. The facilities offered by Prasada Mahata Rawa Buntu Apartments to support the lifestyle and activities of its residents include cafes, commercial areas, children's playgrounds, communal rooms and green parks. There are also other facilities that can improve health such as bicycle facilities and climbing walls for those of you who apply a healthy and energetic lifestyle. For now there are four choices of units available. There are types of semigross studios covering an area of ??21.90 square meters, type 2BR Semigross 35.98 square meters, type 2BR ++ Semigross 60.47 square meters and type 2BR Penthouse Semigross 43.79 square meters. Prasada Mahata Rawa Buntu Apartment Location is certainly very strategic thanks to the presence of the Rawa Buntu commuter line station. This station connects the Tangerang area with the capital city of Jakarta, so you certainly don't need to bother looking for other transportation from this apartment. In addition, this apartment pampers you with easy access to various places, where you only need 3 minutes from Jakarta-Serpong Toll Road, 4 minutes from Eka Hospital and 8 minutes to AEON Mall.

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