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Grand Zamzam Towers Depok


The Grand Zamzam Towers Depok Apartment is the first apartment that carries the Islamic concept by providing easy living, comfort, and happiness. Combined with modern concepts as well, this apartment is offered at an affordable price for the middle class. Uniquely, the apartment located in front of the Depok Mayor's Office on Jalan Margonda Raya Depok, West Java, has three conditions for its residents. Those three are that residents support facilities for worship, economy and security. This apartment also prioritizes safeguarding drug abuse and prostitution.   Therefore, some important facilities offered Grand Zamzam Towers Depok Apartment are 24-hour security with CCTV installed in various angles. In addition, one floor is also provided to receive guests, because residents are not allowed to receive guests in their rooms without the permission of the building management. To further improve the quality, the developer is collaborating with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to conduct periodic urine tests to its residents. This apartment will also build a magnificent three-story mosque in front of the main door, which is also intended for the public.   The construction of the halal Grand Zamzam Towers Depok Apartment received direct appreciation from the Ministry of Tourism's Halal Tourism Development Acceleration Team (TP3H) thanks to its role as an Islamic lifestyle residential pioneer. In addition to the presence of mosques, there are also other facilities around the apartment in the form of halal culinary centers, halal minimarkets, halal spas, boarding schools, and sharia hotels. Built on an area of ??3 hectares, this apartment is located in the heart of Depok City. This heart position is located near the Mayor's Office, Police, Public Service, Banking, Business, Trade and Office Centers.   From Grand Zamzam Towers Depok Apartment, the distance is only as far as 100 m from ITC Depok and Plasa Depok, 500 m from D’Mall and 1 km from Margo City and Detos. The distance to the hospital is only 100 m to Mitra Keluarga Hospital, 200 m to Hermina Depok Hospital, and 1 km to Bunda Hospital, HGA Hospital. For Commuter Line, the distance is only 200 m to Depok Baru Station, 1 km to Pondok Cina Station and 1.5 km to Universitas Indonesia Station. For those who often ride public transportation, the distance is only 100 m to the Metro Starter Depok public transportation center, and there is also the Depok - Soekarno Hatta Airport bus. In addition, for those who are still carrying out higher education, this apartment is only 1.5 km from the University of Indonesia campus, 1.5 km from the Gunadarma Campus, and 3 km from the Pancasila University campus. With all these advantages, this is why Grand Zamzam Towers Depok Apartment is very much chosen by Depok people.

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