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Aparkost The Yellow Dome


The Aparkost The Yellow Dome Depok (Apartment Boarding) is a concept apartment with boarding house in Depok, West Java. This apartment is here to answer the needs of students in the Depok area that are obtained every year. In order to meet the needs of students at Depok campus areas, SCC Investment Corporation held this project on Taufiqurrahman Street, Beji Timur, Depok, West Java.   The laying of the first stone of The Aparkost The Yellow Dome Depok located behind the UI Campus was carried out at the end of 2017. This project has received a Space Utilization Permit (IPR) from the Depok City Planning Office. All technical requirements and special requirements will continue to be adhered to by SCC.   The concept of a similar residence such as The Aparkost The Yellow Dome Depok has been established around campuses in Indonesia such as near the Bogor IPB Campus, Yogyakarta and Makassar. This apartment consists of 200 floors built on 1,700 square meters of land. This apartment is equipped with Fasos and Public Facilities and parking lots and kiosks for rent. Each room accommodates 4x2.5 m with bathroom and furniture. The manager also provides bicycle facilities to return to campus.   The Aparkost The Yellow Dome Depok building is not like a public apartment on the Margonda street or a large city that rises high with 10-15 floors. In addition, since the laying of the first stone, local residents have given high assistance to this project. By offering convenience for students, the surrounding residents also get employment opportunities to be recruited to become aparkost workers such as being security operators or building cleaners.   The presence of The Aparkost The Yellow Dome Depok will also have a positive impact on the development of the region and the economy of the residents. The SCC Investments Corporation has socialized it to residents several times before building the project. It will provide freedom and security in the process of working on this project. Even the manager will empower local residents to be employed at The Aparkost The Yellow Dome Depok.  

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