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PT Bandung Inti Graha (BIG) started their business by developing a small, affordable residential complex named Permata Cimahi in West Bandung.
BIG started expanding its wings after developing several other residential complex by developing an elite housing complex called Graha Pusma in North Bandung.

BIG started conquering Bandung's property market by developing shopping mall in year 2000. Its biggest hit is The Majesty, built in 2003 and is now one of the biggest apartment in Bandung.

Asides from Bandung, BIG has also expanded to other cities, from Cirebon, Cilacap; Solo by developing Solo Grand Mall (the first mall in the city), and Pusat Grosir Solo.



Jl. Dr Djundjunan, 143-149, Bandung, 40174


(022) 6033844

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Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3


The Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Apartment is a continuation of success with Ciumbuleuit 1 and 2 Galeri Apartments in Bandung, West Java. This dwelling is present in the prestigious Ciumbuleuit area, by presenting a concept of "Live Connected" dwelling that balances the busy activities of residents with the cool nature.   With its strategic location, the Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Apartment is adjacent to various well-known universities and various shopping and food centers. Thanks to its location in the mountainous area of ??Ciumbuleuit, this residential area is filled with cool and refreshing air quality.   The Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Apartment consists of approximately 600 residential units with the concept of "green" which has beautiful views of the mountains, swimming pools, and urban Bandung. Residents can also enjoy the beautiful fresh air of nature with a peaceful atmosphere in Sky Garden, which can be accessed on the roof of the building. The atmosphere of this apartment is certainly comfortable, safe, clean and cool.   This strategic location is supported by complete facilities, making the Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Apartment a very profitable investment! The facilities available to pamper its residents consist of laundry, parking, sauna, restaurant, running track, swimming pool, tennis court, Internet connection, fitness center, mosque, children's playground, mini market, and 24-hour security.   The Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Apartment is quite easily accessed through the Pol Pasteur gate. Travel time to the location is about 15 minutes via the Pasopati flyover. Another route to housing is via Jl. Pasir Kaliki, which is under the Pasupati flyover, then passes the Gandog Cihampelas T-junction. The location is also close to Advent Hospital and Hospital. Saint Borromeus, which is approximately 10 minutes from the apartment close to Alfamart and Indomaret.   In addition, the location of The Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Apartment is also close to well-known schools and campuses such as UNPAR and ITB, approximately one to 2 kilometers from the apartment. Thus, the residential enthusiasts also come from prospective students every year.  

Grand Dago Apartment


The Grand Dago Apartment is a vertical residence providing around 3000 Rusunami in Dago, Bandung. This apartment is located in a very strategic location because many universities, hospitals, and famous schools surround it. Dago is also generally a popular area in Bandung because the air is cool and the land is still green. Currently, Dago has also become a culinary tourism center, shopping tourism center and a center for various business activities.   The Grand Dago Apartment offers 3,000 studio types with a wide choice from 18 square meters to 42 square meters. In addition, this apartment is also equipped with various facilities that can support the comfort of the life of each occupant. Facilities available for you to enjoy are commercial areas, swimming pools, jogging trails, stage shows, and thematic parks.   The Grand Dago Apartment is an apartment with a very affordable price and the concept of "Dedication to Indonesian Music." This is the first residence in Indonesia that provides music facilities, where each apartment unit will have an Original Indonesian Music CD and a CD Player. The lobby will have Indonesian music nuances by playing Indonesian songs along with decorations such as biographies and musicians' testimonies, especially from Bandung, on every wall of the building.   The Grand Dago Apartment is close to various education centers such as Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Bandung Islamic University, and UNIKOM. For those of you who are still overseas students and are looking for new housing close to your campus, there is no harm in making Grand Dago Apartment a new residence so that you do not need to travel long distances anymore if you have to go to campus.   The Grand Dago Apartment holds a live show every week. You can invite your colleagues and family to fill in spare time by watching a slick and entertaining performance. With affordable prices, this residence is perfect for students, families, or young couples. In addition, this apartment is not only suitable as a residence but also an investment in the future.  



The Pinewood Apartment is an apartment built by Bandung Inti Graha Group and is located in Jatinangor, the city of East Bandung. This residence is strategically located and directly connected to Jatinangor Square or Jatos, a favorite shopping center of the Bandung community. In addition, several leading universities in the Bandung area, such as ITB, UNPAD, IPDN, and IKOPIN, also surround this apartment, followed by entertainment centers, culinary, and so forth. Access to the Cileunyi toll road exit also facilitates the mobility of the occupants.   Each unit in the Pinewood Apartment is beautifully and modernly designed, with the concept being semi furnished with furniture such as a dining table, study table and chairs, kitchen set, bookshelves, telephone, wardrobe, 2 bunk beds, and water heater. There is also free Wi-Fi Internet and cable TV to support entertainment and fast information access for residents. Public facilities that can be enjoyed inside the building include a swimming pool, fitness center, 24-hour mini-market, and 24-hour security.   In addition to the aforementioned facilities, residents of the Pinewood Apartment can also enjoy children's playgrounds, laundry, and underground parking. If you are interested in living or investing here, you can choose to buy one of the four types of units offered by the developer, starting from the deluxe type (18.45 m2), executive type (21.52 m2), suite type (30.81 m2), to the grand suite (32.40 m2).   The Pinewood Apartment is certainly very suitable for students, especially students, thanks to its location, which is very close to the campuses. Not only that, families, employees, business people, or investors have also been eyeing this one dwelling. Especially with its location adjacent to Jatinangor Town Square, you will be facilitated in terms of access to a variety of food courts, retail stores, ATMs, banks, entertainment facilities, health, fashion, and so forth.  

The Majesty


The Majesty Bandung Apartment is a vertical residence strategically located in Pasteur, West Bandung. Only 5 minutes from the Pasteur Toll Gate, the residence is also close to the train station, the airport, schools, and universities (such as Maranatha Christian University), and other interesting areas. Because of its position, this apartment is easily accessible and increases convenience for its residents.   There are various facilities offered by The Majesty Bandung Apartment. You as a resident can enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant and mini-market that is open 24 hours. The apartment complex which is also combined with the hotel ensures that the residents sleep soundly thanks to the security system through an exclusive access card and staff who are on duty 24 hours a day.   The Majesty Bandung Apartment has a variety of units that can be selected based on the needs of residents. Among these, there are 2 bedroom units with an area of ??48 square meters and a 3-bedroom unit with an area of ??96 square meters. Based on the facilities offered and the range of purchase and rental prices, this complex can be categorized as a medium-end apartment. You can choose units that have not yet been furnished or have been furnished (unfurnished or fully furnished).   With apartment rentals now becoming increasingly popular among millennial communities, The Majesty Bandung Apartment is also here to meet the needs of the community with its location on Jl. Surya Sumantri Number 91, Sukawarna, Sukajadi, Bandung City, West Java. Around the neighborhood, there are many public facilities ranging from shopping centers such as PVJ on Jalan Sukajadi and Istana Plaza, as well as culinary centers and educational centers.   With all the advantages offered, of course, you do not want to miss the opportunity to invest in The Majesty Bandung Apartment.  

Grand Setiabudi


The Grand Setiabudi Apartment is a vertical residence in Bandung. Strategically located on Jl Doktor Setiabudhi, the residence also known as the Grand Setiabudi Hotel and Apartment is located very close to Paris Van Java Mall, a leading shopping center that is thick with European design and is located in Bandung, West Java. This mall can be reached in just a few hours by driving from Tol Pasteur.   The Grand Setiabudi Apartment is also close to several leading Factory Outlets, culinary centers and other entertainment centers in Bandung. This residential distance is also only 20 minutes from the train station and 25 minutes to Husein Sastranegara International Airport, so those of you who travel a lot will be greatly helped by the location of this residence.   There are many tourist attractions that can be reached easily from the Grand Setiabudi Apartment, such as Ililla Isola, Merdeka Building, Cipaganti Mosque, Gedung Sate, Bandung Zoo, and Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Surely you and your family will have many choices to get weekend entertainment if you live in this residence.   Other tourist attractions that you should also visit from this apartment are Wayang Golek, Angklung, Jean Street, Bandung Electronic Center, Cihampelas Walk, and Bandung Square. Besides Paris Van Java Mall, this residence is also close to shopping centers such as Trans Studio Mall Bandung, which is strategically located on Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto.   The Grand Setiabudi Apartment offers one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom types, each of which is spacious and has been furnished with furniture for your convenience when moving. In addition, this apartment is equipped with various building facilities to pamper each of its residents. Enjoy swimming pools, fitness centers, mini markets, restaurants, children's playgrounds, access card systems, luxurious lobbies, surveillance cameras and 24-hour security in this apartment.   The Grand Setiabudi Apartment is a medium-end apartment that is suitable for young couples, business people and families. With all the amenities and luxury, this apartment guarantees your comfort and safety.  

Galeri Ciumbuleuit


The Ciumbuleuit Gallery Apartment (La Serenity) is a vertical residence located in the business center of North Bandung. Located in the Ciumbuleuit area, North Bandung, Galeri Ciumbuleuit Family & Business Hotel combines the comfort of a hotel with an apartment for a truly pleasant stay. Especially with a large number of Instagramable tourist attractions in the Ciumbuleuit area making the level of visitors who come increase and the density of the streets increasingly crowded.   The Ciumbuleuit Gallery Apartment is located near many of Bandung's main locations, including Bandung Airport, Jalan Cihampelas, Dago, and many more. Facilities available include guest rooms with full kitchens, restaurants, meeting rooms, laundry, dry cleaning, swimming pool, karaoke, and 24-hour room service that are always ready to meet the needs of residents.   The Ciumbuleuit Gallery Apartment is strategically located close to the Parahyangan University campus and ITB, various shopping centers, malls, and entertainment venues such as cafes, factory outlets, Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk), Paris Van Java has cool air. The room types offered include Azalea (27.18 m2), Lavender (31.5 m2), Camelia (32.05 m2), Valerian (35.41 m2), Gardenia (36.57 m2), Rosemary (40.68 m2), Edelweiss (44.72 m2), and Casablanca 64.28 m2).   The Ciumbuleuit Gallery Apartment has various facilities to pamper its residents, such as laundry, parking, sauna, restaurant, running track, swimming pool, tennis court, Internet connection, and many more. There is also a fitness center, mosque, children's playground, mini market, and 24-hour security. The atmosphere of this apartment is comfortable, safe, clean and cool.   The Ciumbuleuit Gallery Apartment is close to SABUGA (Sasana Budaya Ganesha), Cihampelas Street, Ciwalk, Cihampelas Skywalk, and Dago Street. With its strategic location, this apartment offers a beautiful and soothing residential and comfortable environment. With an affordable low-end price, this apartment is suitable for students, newlyweds, and families. You can also have an apartment here for investment purposes with future profits.  

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