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PT. PP Properti Overview

PT PP Properti Tbk is a subsidiary of PT PP (Persero) Tbk, a state-owned enterprise (BUMN) company, which was built in 1953. The company has experience in construction, real estate and property, EPC and investment services and is now focusing on managing various portfolios of housing, offices, apartments and retail and commercial sectors in the Indonesian property industry.

Responding to the segment needs of residential and residential high or apartments in the country which every year always increases and has not been fulfilled its supply by both private and state-owned developers, PT PP Properti Tbk in an effort to support the government, determined to contribute in providing the needs of the Indonesian people.

The company is also determined to create building architectural designs and concepts that can be applied in residential, office, retail and commercial projects. With a vision to become the top 5 leading developers in Indonesia that provide added value to shareholders and care for the environment, the company is determined to develop superior property products and services so that residents can grow.

PT PP Properti Tbk integrates development that is supported by the existence of diverse and complete facilities so as to make its residents develop healthy physically and mentally. More than 20 (twenty) years the Company (which is a separation from the Property Division of PT PP (Persero) Tbk) has developed its capabilities in all fields, including building Jatiluhur Authority Housing in 1991, developing Cibubur area in 1991 - 2004, Paladian Apartments Park in Kelapa Gading, Juanda business center in Surabaya and development and management of Park Hotel Jakarta in 2010 and Park Hotel Bandung in 2012.

PT PP Properti Tbk has 3 (three) Business units, namely Commercial, Residential and Hotels. The company is committed to continuing to develop its business by combining all the knowledge and capabilities of its employees, in terms of design and quality of development that are getting better and also committed to customers and suppliers.

PT PP Properti Tbk continues to make breakthroughs in developing its property business, one of which is by creating differentiation of products and services packed with tag line "Beyond Space".



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Daftar Proyek Oleh PT. PP Properti

Grand Sagara


The Grand Sagara Apartment is a vertical residence located in the most beautiful location in the northern part of the city of Surabaya. This apartment provides peace of mind, body and mind, a new experience that you cannot meet before in Surabaya. This apartment carries the Hi-Rise Villa residential concept with a beachfront resort concept that is connected in a superblock area.   The Grand Sagara Apartment will be equipped with Sagara Bay Walk, Convention Hall, world class hotels, and Office Tower. Staying in this apartment is able to give you an exotic 360 degree view of the sparkling beauty of the city of Surabaya to the beautiful ocean with the decoration of the Suramadu bridge, the longest sea bridge in Indonesia.   One of the towers in The Grand Sagara Apartment is the Adriatic Tower, which was inspired by the beauty of the Italian sea peninsula. This tower has 1,040 units of rooms with three types, namely studio, one bedroom and two bedroom. For the first stage, 250 units have been offered, and the majority of buyers are end users.   There is also The Oceana which is a ground floor concept that collaborates biological fertility and freshness of water which creates the sensation of walking in mangrove forests with various features of Oceana Shopping Alley. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful suramadu bridge at Oceana Terrace. Another amazing facility is The Valley, a concept facility located on deck podiums that can be enjoyed specifically for residents.   The Valley in The Grand Sagara Apartment is an area inspired by mountain valleys that will be a place for you to socialize and chat with your family, relatives and friends. 12 facilities in The Valley include Infinity Lap Pool, Splash Pool, Relaxing Pod, Play Ground, BBQ Pit, Sunrise Park, Ocean View Café, Yoga Corner, Rain Forest Walk, Function Room, Gym Area and Jogging Track.   PT PP Properti Tbk (PPRO) developed the superb Grand Sagara Apartment project on an area of ??5.6 hectares on the east and west sides of the Suramadu Bridge. The construction of this area is planned to include 12 towers, and the construction will be divided into several phases. The first phase starts from the construction of the Adriatic Tower, and the second tower will follow the following year.   The high level of public interest in this project was seen during the unit selection. Moreover, The Grand Sagara Apartment project is also related to tourism development plans in the Suramadu area by the Surabaya City Government, including the construction of firing facilities and a cable car to be built. In addition to end users, investors are also interested in investing in this project because the unit price has the potential to increase every year. Normatively, it is predicted that unit price growth at the Adriatic Tower can reach 15 to 20 percent per year.

Grand Shamaya


Grand Shamaya Apartment is a vertical residence developed by PT PP Properti, Tbk. This apartment is built on an area of ??1.6 ha and is located in the golden triangle of the city of Surabaya. Present with the concept of Luxury Resort, this apartment is equipped with international standard facilities that are perfectly combined with the natural elements around it. You will not only feel the natural atmosphere but also the feel of the luxury of Hidden Paradise in every facility that will enhance the quality of Grand Shamaya as an ideal residence in the middle of the city.   The Luxury Resort Dimension will be felt from the beginning you set foot in Grand Shamaya Apartment Lobby to every corner of the area. With a variety of healthy lifestyle facilities with the concept of Hidden Paradise in each apartment tower, you can feel a strategic location in the form of pleasant resort nuances just a few steps from the center of Surabaya. When you arrive at this apartment, Waterfall will welcome you. With a spacious and open lobby, it can be ascertained that air circulation in the entire apartment area will feel cool and comfortable.   One of the towers developed by Grand Shamaya Apartment is Tower Aubrey. On each of the three floors of the Aubrey tower will be equipped with Pocket Garden which is comfortable for the residents' leisure needs while enjoying the fresh air. Also provided are two special floors that function as the Public Space of the residents of this apartment. You can do all activities such as jogging, yoga, soaking in the Warm Pool and various entertainment facilities above the height complete with the natural atmosphere of Thematic Garden and beautiful views of the city of Surabaya. There is also a Sky Garden Unit for those of you who crave a stretch of private green garden and are right on the terrace of your unit.   Other facilities at Grand Shamaya Apartment that you can find are Bird Corner, Chess Garden, Giant Hammock, Sky Void, Sky Lounge, Kids Play, Koi Pond, Leasure Pool, Reflection Pool, Infinity Pool, Contampory, Kids Pool, Balebengong, daycare children, spa and sauna, mini golf, gym, retail, ATM, bicycle parking area, Yoga Deck, pet storage, jogging track, Club House and Multiple Purpose Hall. This apartment is also equipped with Smart Home technology, automatic control security (panic button), and controls for lighting & air conditioner complete with Fiber Optic network. This is why investing in the Grand Shamaya Apartment is a big opportunity in the future.

Grand Sentraland Karawang


Grand Sentraland Karawang Apartment is the property of the development of Perumnas that carries the superblock concept. This apartment is located only 200 meters from the front of the West Karawang Toll Door and in front of the entrance to the Teluk Jambe housing estate. With a premium location which is the Center for Development and Industrial Centers of Karawang Regency, this area is equipped with adequate parking areas, free of flooding, external facilities such as Hospitals, Schools, Transportation, Shopping and many more.   The facilities offered by Grand Sentraland Karawang Apartment include access cards, fitness center, modern market, swimming pool, jogging track, 1: 5 parking and direct access to the Mall and Hotel front yard. The type of unit you can get consists of the type of studio with an area of ??semi gross 21.8 square meters, type 1 BR with a semi gross 32.7 square meters, and type 2 BR with a semi gross area of ??43.6 square meters.   Grand Sentraland Apartment Karawang is supported by very rapid property growth. There are many plans to develop public facilities such as the Jakarta - Bandung Fast Railroad, Karawang Airport Plan and Port Plan in Subang. Right now, from this apartment, the distance is only 6 km from KIIC, 12 km from KIM, 14 km from Surya Cipta, 1 km from the New Business Center and 2.5 km from the Karawang Kota Area. This apartment indeed fulfills its function to meet the demand for decent housing around industrial estates, especially for the segment of factory workers, at affordable prices.   At the end of 2018, Perumnas has inaugurated tower B of Grand Sentraland Karawang Apartment, which is ready for habitation. The available units are 831 residential units and 24 kiosk units. The construction of these apartments is influenced by the growth of Jakarta's buffer cities that is driven by rapid industrial growth. By targeting the lower middle segment, especially among workers who work in industrial estates around rusunami, it is hoped that the various unit sizes offered can provide the concept of cross subsidies for construction costs which is the largest composition of costs.   Grand Sentraland Karawang Apartment Project is estimated to have 2,700 apartment units built in stages. In the initial stage, two towers will be built, each consisting of 20 floors that can accommodate 1,514 units with a total population of 3,845 people.

Grand Sentraland Medan


Grand Centraland Medan

Payon Amartha


Payon Amartha Apartment is a vertical residence offered by PT PP Properti, Tbk. who has a vision to realize the hopes of the community for a beautiful and peaceful place to live in the West Semarang area. This apartment is enhanced by a location that lies between a vast expanse of ocean in the north and beautiful hills in the south that surround it. Developers also continue to strive to build modern-style dwellings and high taste that combine with the beautiful natural title.   Payon Amartha Apartment Developer, PT PP Properti, Tbk. which has been established since 2013 integrates the development supported by the existence of diverse and complete facilities so that residents in each property can get an unforgettable life experience. The developer portfolio includes the Jatiluhur Authority Housing, Paladian Park Apartments, Juanda business center in Surabaya and the construction and management of Park Hotel Jakarta and Bandung. Seeing residential needs in the western Semarang region that are still quite high, this apartment was presented in the Ngaliyan area, Semarang City.   Payon Amartha Apartment means "roof of life", so the development is very suitable with green areas such as parks and various trees, where the land structure also tends to be flat without hilly shapes. This apartment is also starting to be in demand because there will be plans to construct the Semarang Outer Ring Road toll road. The project will have two towers and Amartha Residence Housing as a choice of home investment. Of the two towers to be built, tower I has been sold out, while tower II, which contains 850 apartment units with type 1 BR and 2 BR, has sold 30 percent.   There are various facilities that are ready to be presented by Payon Amartha Apartments to residents, such as 24-hour security with the One Gate System and the addition of CCTV, which guarantees the security of each occupant of the building. The developer also plans to place an infinity pool in the center of the apartment, where this facility can provide an experience of swimming near the cliff while looking at the beauty of the city of Semarang. Last but not least, there are also retail shops, gyms, running tracks, children's playgrounds, waterfall, parks and BBQ areas.

Bandar Kemayoran

Jakarta Pusat

The Bandar Kemayoran Apartment is a residential apartment or apartment located in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. This residence is present as a place to stay at affordable prices for low-income people. There are 288 residential units that are included in A5 Tower available in residential projects built by Perum Perumnas. The A4 tower, which was built in 2014 amounted to 284 units. In this tower, in addition to housing, there are also 34 kiosk-shaped units.   The residential unit offered by The Bandar Kemayoran Apartment has an area of ??27 square meters equipped with 1 bedroom, family room, 1 bathroom and kitchen. For one unit, you can have it by following the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) or Subsidized KPR scheme. This mortgage offers convenience with a lightweight DP that is only 1-5% and the interest on lightweight mortgages is only 5%, still during the installment period.   To be able to have one of the units of The Bandar Kemayoran Apartment, the community concerned must meet the required FLPP requirements, such as having a maximum income limit of Rp. 7 million, having never owned a house before, and various other requirements. Its authority is in Banking, where the developer cooperates with Bank BTN Syariah and Arthagraha.   Ease of payment to get ideal housing such as The Bandar Kemayoran Apartment becomes a powerful weapon to attract buyers. Currently, said Ahmad, 4 towers have been built from the 5 tower plan. On one floor, there are 16 units. Having this residence will be very suitable and useful for those of you who hold exhibitions at PRJ Kemayoran or exhibitions at JI-EXPO Kemayoran and Jakarta Fair. You can also rent it to visitors to these events.   The Bandar Kemayoran Apartment is perfect for you and your family who want to spend a weekend in Dufan or Ancol. The distance from this apartment by car or taxi is about 10 minutes to PRJ Kemayoran and JI-EXPO Kemayoran, 5 minutes to the Kemayoran tollgate, 5 minutes to the gas station and ATM center, 15 minutes to Ancol and Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), 20 minutes to Mangga Dua shops, and 45 minutes to Soekarno Hatta airport.  

Verdura Sentul


Apartment Verdura Sentul is an apartment built by PT. PP Property, Tbk. in Sentul with the resort concept. This apartment is built on an area of ??1 hectare, which has three towers with 1,836 units. Verdura stands in a strategic area, namely the Central Business District (CBD) of Sentul. Therefore, this apartment is surrounded by various public facilities such as schools, universities, transportation, shopping centers, as well as entertainment and sports centers.   Its very strategic location makes this apartment has the potential to become a comfortable residential and promising investment. This Verdura Sentul apartment is already operating in 2018, and to further add to the comfort of the residents, this apartment provides various facilities such as a swimming pool, jogging track, garden, children's playroom, spa, gym, and fitness center. There is also Sky Garden, Green Lobby, Function Room, CCTV, 24-hour security system, parking area, and access card.   There are also several types of units offered at Verdura, including Type Studio size 27m2, Type 1 BR size 37m2, Type 2 BR size 61m2, Type 2 BR +1 size 76m2 and Type 3 BR +1 size 93m2. Verdura Sentul Apartment is perfect for young couples that want to have exclusive housing with the green resort concept. This concept offers a mountain view that pampers, privacy and comfort from the hectic bustle of the city without having to be isolated from various accesses. Besides that, for students who are studying at the Trisakti campus also has entertainment destinations, namely AEON Mall.   Verdura Sentul Apartment has become the main attraction for the Sentul City area. The area also continues to grow and will be equipped with a variety of public facilities that pamper its residents. You only need 5 minutes to LRT Station, South Exit Tol Sentul, Circuit Sentul and Sentul Internacional Convention (SICC). This apartment is also in a flood-free area, so you don't need to worry if the rainy season arrives.  

Evenciio Margonda


Evenciio Margonda is an apartment located in Depok, West Java. The location is quite strategic because it is close to the entrance of Depok City which is directly adjacent to South Jakarta, right in front of the University of Indonesia. This apartment is only 10 minutes away from Tol Cijago Section II, 3 minutes from UI station and 5 minutes to Gunadarma University.   Evenciio Margonda developed by PT. PP Properti, Tbk. (PP / BUMN subsidiary) was built with the Dual Key & Triple Key concept, for the safety and comfort of its residents. Built on an area of ??5500 square meters with a height of 38 floors, this apartment has two towers, each of which consists of 600 units.   Many of the facilities owned by Evenciio Margonda include music studios, lounges / cafes, meeting pods, entertainment areas, courtyard, BBQ pavilions, Exclusive Function hall and 24-hour CCTV. There are also Infinity Pool, Outdoor and Indoor Gym, Court Yard, Study Hall and Wifi in all units. There are several types of units offered, namely studio size 25.03 m2 (sg), 1 BR size 32.21 m2 (sg), 2 BR size 43.07 m2 (sg), Dual Key size 44.16 m2 (sg) and Triple Key size 66.20 m2 (sg).   Evenciio Margonda is claimed to be the first premium student and student apartment in Depok, and is the first apartment in Indonesia that cares about drug prevention. The potential of the Depok area is currently very promising and growing rapidly. Therefore, PP Property is preparing a project that targets the student segment in this region.   Evenciio Margonda is very absorbed by the market after seeing the existence of the campus and the number of students who are quite high in the Depok area from year to year. At present, there are at least several campuses from major universities in Depok and surrounding areas. The campuses include the University of Indonesia (UI), Gunadarma University, Pancasila University, the Institute of Political Social Sciences (IISIP), and D3 BSI Depok. The concept that distinguishes Evenciio from the existing apartments is that it wants to create students and investors who do a purchase to be able to be successful.

Apartemen Pavillion Permata


The Pavillion Permata is one of the apartments located in the center of the city of Surabaya, on Jalan Abdul Wahid Siamin. This apartment has two towers, namely Pavillion Permata One and Two. It has a strategic location, due to the apartment is close to various public facilities. Among others, stores, ATMs, and banks, mini market, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, and shopping centers.   Not only its location, but The Pavillion Permata also has additional value by providing complete facilities for its residents. Namely, swimming pool, playground, gym, bar, gym, jogging track, lobby, elevators, and 24-hour security and access cards.   The Pavillion Permata has several types of units offered, such as 1 bedroom (23.2 sqm), 1 bedroom plus (25 sqm), 1 bedroom deluxe (27.1 sqm), 2 bedrooms (37.5 sqm), and 2 bedrooms deluxe (38.7 sqm).  

Grand Dharmahusadha Lagoon


Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon is an apartment that located in the heart of Surabaya, East Java. Therefore, this apartment has close distances to several universities (Widya Kartika, Airlangga University, and Widya Mandala), shopping centers (East Coast Center Mall and Galaxy Mall), restaurant Mulyosari, as well as the banks. Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon brings the concept lagoon that is completed with jungle ambiance. The apartment is also trying to provide eight benefits for residents is to do business, stay connected, socialize, play and have fun, keep healthy, stay happy, go green, as well as modern and futuristic design. Therefore, facilities like swimming pool, fitness center, and children's playground are provided at Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon. Five towers are offered by Dharmahusada Grand Lagoon; each tower has a different number of the floor.  

Patria Park

Jakarta Timur

Patria Park Apartment is an apartment located in Cipinang, East Jakarta, or precisely in Cawang Central Business District (CCBD). This residence was built by PT. Housing Development on an area of ??1.2 ha. The apartment consisting of 37 floors has 420 apartment units. The units offered are studios (20 m2), 1 BR (40 m2), 2 BR (45 m2, 53 m2 and 61 m2), 2 BR + Maid Room (76 m2) and 3 BR + 1 Maid Room (82 m2 and 84 m2).   The location of Patria Park Apartments is very strategic, because you only need 10 minutes to reach this apartment from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, 15 minutes to Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park (TMII), 20 minutes to Jatinegara train station, and 45 minutes from Soekarno Hatta International Airport. This apartment is also supported by many easy transportation accesses from several public facilities, such as 10 minutes distance from Semanggi bridge and 5 minutes to Carrefour MT. Haryono.   Patria Park Apartments provide a complete range of facilities, such as ATM center, Jacuzzi, laundry, jogging track, fitness center, swimming pool, children's pool, pool deck, 24-hour CCTV, child care center, café D'Golf, Patria Park café, mini markets, functional halls, prayer rooms, health centers, 1 parking space for each unit, international hotels, and generator power reserves.   Patria Park Apartments have a promising investment value thanks to their strategic location in the developing East Jakarta CBD area. This apartment is close to office areas (Jalan MT Haryono and DI Panjaitan), shopping and dining centers (Carrefour, TIS Square, Tebet Green, and Hypermarket), universities, hospitals and banks. This apartment is adjacent to The Park Hotel and the Best Western Premier The Hive.   Patria Park Apartments are adjacent to 4 toll roads (inner ring road, outer ring road, Jagorawi, and Cikampek-Bandung), as well as busway stops (right in front of the apartment) and 24-hour public transportation Cawang-Grogol and Tanjung Priok. The best view of this apartment is to the south towards the Wiyoto Wiyono highway and the Wika building. But overall, this apartment is the right place for you to become your next property investment target.  

Grand Sungkono Lagoon


The Grand Sungkono Lagoon Apartment is a vertical residence in Surabaya. This apartment consists of three towers, namely Venetian, Caspian, and Orlin. This apartment stands in the CBD area of ??Jalan HR Muhammad and Jalan Mayjend Sungkono, Surabaya. Thus, you can already imagine how strategic this one dwelling is.   The Grand Sungkono Lagoon Apartment was built with the concept of a "one-stop living and harmonious environment." This concept seeks to improve the comfort of residents, while still protecting the environment. Therefore, you will get natural ventilation, cool air, sunlight, and tree shelter in the apartment and the surrounding areas.   The Grand Sungkono Lagoon Apartment has easy access to the Surabaya Satellite toll road because of its proximity. In addition, you can also get to Juanda International Airport Surabaya quickly. If you need public or entertainment facilities, this apartment is also surrounded by hospitals both local and international, educational institutions, golf courses, culinary tours, shopping centers, and much more.   The Grand Sungkono Lagoon Apartment provides various types of apartment units such as 1BR Deluxe (47.56 m2 and 52.71 m2), 1BR Suite (49.28 m2), 1BRS type (30.16 m2) and 36.78 m2). This residence prioritizes various aspects of green building and the concept of smart-home for the sake of a healthy lifestyle for residents. Moreover, the developer also provides a family park with an area of ??more than 3.5 hectares.   The Grand Sungkono Lagoon Apartment is part of a prestigious superblock with a mixed-use development project consisting of 3 premium apartments, 1 lifestyle mall, 1 hotel, and office buildings that all carry the concept of green, healthy and smart buildings. Many have invested in Grand Sungkono Lagoon not only as a place to live.   This superblock strives to provide new experiences that create 6 values ??at once, namely "Be Healthy, Stay Connected, Socialize, Play, Do Business, and Have Entertainment". Grand Sungkono Lagoon is also supported by the best location at the gate of the Central Business District (CBD in the city of West Surabaya) and integrated with the highway leading to the Underpass and Overpass, as well as with the satellite tollgate.  

The Ayoma


The Ayoma Serpong Apartment is a vertical residence in Serpong, Tangerang. This apartment has easy access to anywhere, for example, this apartment is only about 45 minutes to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport via the Jakarta Serpong toll road. In addition, this apartment is also close to the Rawa Buntu Train Station.   The growing Serpong region is increasingly attracting interest in property companies such as PP Properti to build the Ayoma Serpong Apartment. Many top schools around. Some of them are Stella Maris, Saint John, Cikal Hope, Ora et Labora, Al-Azhar and Santa Ursula. This apartment is also close to several hospitals (Eka Hospital, Medika Hospital), Techno Park, shopping centers, and more.   The facilities offered at the Ayoma Serpong Apartment are very complete. You can enjoy the infinity pool, thematic garden, children's playground, large lobby, fitness center, clinic, study room, jogging track, children's pool, laundry, BBQ area, childcare and 24-hour security with CCTV.   There are several types of units to choose from at the Ayoma Serpong Apartment. Available units are from the Studio type to three bedrooms. Each is offered with different facilities and area. With a building built on an area of ??one hectare, this apartment carries the Avant-Garde concept and consists of two towers.   In addition to the strategic location of the Ayoma Serpong Apartment, this residential development is also environmentally friendly. Moreover, its location blends with the famous Pecel Madiun cuisine. Another uniqueness of the construction of this apartment is a method that does not flatten or destroy green land. This apartment still maintains a natural environment, one of which is a beautiful park owned by the previous landowner. Thus, forty percent of this residence is a green area.   The developer is determined that the Ayoma Serpong Apartment will maintain local wisdom in the form of garden shade in the Pecel Madiun area. This residence even plans to add to its beauty by providing thematic gardens. In addition, the developer also wants to invite other native Indonesian culinary businessmen to join as part of this culinary area.   The Ayoma Serpong Apartment is realized with a residential concept that focuses on the nuances of natural beauty and an environmentally friendly lifestyle balance. Various public spaces to facilitate your and your family's activities are also built to meet the lifestyle needs of a comfortable and healthy social environment.  

Gunung Putri Square


Gunung Putri Square is a vertical residential apartment concept located in the industrial area of ??Gunung Putri, Bogor. This apartment provides access to anywhere, which is very easy because it is located within 3 different toll roads (Gunung Putri, Cikeas, and Kemanggisan). Because of its location close to the tollgates, this apartment is more easily accessible from various locations around Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, and Jakarta.   Gunung Putri Square was developed by PT. PP Properti Tbk to answer the high demand for decent housing for the community at large. This residence has become a new icon of Gunung Putri, which is located in the industrial area of ??Bogor with 3 tollgate accesses, namely the Cimanggis tollgate, Cibubur tollgate, and Gunung Putri tollgate.   Gunung Putri Square was built on an area of ??2.1 hectares with green open space, which reached 60% of the existing land area so that this residence is considered an oasis in the Bogor Industrial area. This property also collaborates with other investment products such as shophouses, kiosks, and commercial areas that are packaged in the 'One-Stop Living Concept,' where the needs of the residents can be met in one residential environment.   Gunung Putri Square becomes a residency with a high investment value with clear tenant targets. Thus, investors obtain other benefits outside the profits from the increase in the value of the occupancy itself. If you are interested, this property consists of two towers (Pinus and Palm) with a total of 1,736 units, where the developer offers 3 types of units, namely type 21, type 24, and type 42.   Gunung Putri Square is equipped with various facilities that guarantee the comfort and safety of residents, such as a jogging track, children's playground, markets, retail areas, food and beverage areas, outdoor gyms, shuttle buses, garden areas, swimming pools, CCTV, and 24-hour security. Basically, this residence targets the lower middle segment by offering comfortable and beautiful housing.  

Grand Kamala Lagoon


Grand Kamala Lagoon is located in the heart of Bekasi, only within 300 meter distance from Bekasi Barat 3 Tollgate, and close to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. In the future, this apartment will be passed by Busway and Monorail lane, and access to BeCaKayu (Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu) Non Toll Road that will be built by the government. This apartment is surrounded by a lot of shopping malls (Summarecon Mall, Mall Metropolitan, Grand Galaxy Park Mall, and many others), hospitals (Mitra Keluarga, Global Awal Bros, Hermina), and schools (BPK Penabur, Al-Azhar, Global Prestasi School). In the future, Grand Kamala Lagoon will be a integrated superblock in Bekasi area, where the residents can do various activities without having to spend time in traffics and able to enjoy the fresh air outside. This is important so that the residents can enjoy maximal quality life. This apartment will have four towers: Emerald, Barclays, Isabelle and Moraine. The first two are already marketed. It has typical selection of units, including studio type, 1 BR apartment, 2 BR apartment and 2BR-corner apartment. Each has its own size and specifications.

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