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Triniti Property Group was founded by Bong Chandra and Matius Jusuf in 2009. The Group saw opportunity in property area and grasps the momentum to develop residential and commercial projects in Jakarta and its surroundings.

The main forces of the Triniti Property Group are powerful concept, timeliness, and satisfactory return on investment. The rapid growth of properties in Indonesia is the reason for Triniti Property Group to develop two apartments and premium offices at Alam Sutera with the project value reaching Rp 1.7 trillion.



APL Tower, Jl. S. Parman


+62 21 2903 4358

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Hyde Residence – Collins Boulevard


Hidup berdampingan dengan seni Hidup di dunia yang sibuk dengan rutinitas sehari-hari yang khas menciptakan ide untuk pulang ke tempat yang penuh kegembiraan. Sebuah rumah yang dikelilingi oleh barang-barang yang dikurasi dengan baik untuk mengembalikan kesenangan menjalani hidup dengan satu bahasa yang dipahami oleh semua, Seni. Filosofi inilah yang menjadi akar dari Collins Boulevard, a pendekatan artistik bergengsi dari ruang hunian, terinspirasi oleh jalan bergengsi di salah satu kota paling layak huni di dunia, Collins Street, Melbourne. Dari Residence, Soho, Outlet Ritel, Hotel hingga Kondominium, semuanya ditempatkan secara strategis tepat di distrik Serpong yang menjanjikan di Tangerang.

The Smith Alam Sutera


The Smith Apartment is a SoHo with the first 3.0 concept in Indonesia, located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. This apartment is equipped with Silicon Valley class facilities in San Francisco, California. Located in the business center of Alam Sutera, this location provides easy access to the toll road to Jakarta, malls (IKEA, Alam Sutera Mall, Living World), hospitals (Omni, Eka), schools (Laurentia Schools), traditional markets, etc. other.   The Smith Apartment is a mixed-use development consisting of 280 apartment units, 160 SoHo units, and 60 office units. The apartment units offered consist of three types, namely 1 bedroom measuring 36 m2, 1 bedroom plus measuring 63 m2, and 2 bedrooms measuring 97 m2. In addition, there are also additional premium specifications such as marble floors, air conditioners, premium kitchen sets, sanitary ware with the Grohe brand, 300 parking lots and 8 elevators.   The Smith Apartment is also equipped with various facilities for the comfort of its residents, such as a rooftop bar, lounge, game room, sky pool, hanging garden, fitness lounge, coffee shop, and indoor Garden Plaza. With its location in the Alam Sutera CBD, this apartment is only one minute from the Alam Sutera in and out toll road, Alam Sutera Mall, IKEA, and BINUS University. Not only that, this apartment is only five minutes from the Living World Mall, St. Launresia, the Mercure Hotel, and Omni Hospital.   The investment value of The Smith Apartment is predicted to continue to surge, especially after the Karang Tengah-Alam Sutera toll road access was opened in 2008. After that, the government will also open new Soekarno-Hatta-Alam Sutera toll access. If the toll road access is officially opened in 2019, then Alam Sutera's distance to the airport can be reached in just 10 minutes.   The Smith Apartment is equipped with Co-Working Space facilities as an incubator for the startup community in Indonesia. Office in this residential complex will feel very different from the usual shop. Ordinary shop houses are more expensive, and the third floor is usually useless. By renting at the Office Tower, in addition to being cheaper, the security factor is also high where each guest is required to exchange the ID card with an access card. You also look more professional when meeting with clients or recruiting employees.   Designed by a well-known Polish architect, this apartment was developed by Triniti Group, which has a long portfolio in the property development industry. This is why The Smith Apartment is a modern-style residence that supports the lives of businesspeople or families with a fast and practical lifestyle. With a medium-end price, this apartment can also be a perfect choice for students, young professionals, and investors.  

Yukata Suites


Yukata Suites is an apartment located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. Alam Sutera is a small city that has complete facilities, ranging from malls (Living World and Mall @ Alam Sutera, IKEA), universities (Binus), schools (Laurentia School), food centers (Pasar eight and Flavor Bliss), and also areas business and commercial on Jl. Sudirman, Alam Sutera.   The Alam Sutera area where Yukata Suites stands is still full of trees with Sutera Loop shuttle bus facilities, special bicycle and run lanes, sports centers, and other facilities. Consisting of 32 floors, this apartment is located on an area of ??5,000 m2 with an investment of Rp900 billion.   The name Yukata Suites contains the word "yukata" from Japanese, which means traditional Japanese clothing. Japanese people use Yukata when going to Onsen to stop for a moment from their daily routine and find calm. With this concept, this apartment is the perfect place to stay for those who want privacy and release the pressure to survive in a big city.   Yukata Suites was developed with the concept of precision, the luxury of silence, and therapy. The concept of precision emphasizes the quality of Japanese people also known as Swiss from Asia who pay attention to precision and detail. The luxury concept of silence is supported by the availability of private elevators and limited units. The concept of therapy emphasizes modern Japanese architectural art, which will give you a therapeutic experience every day.   Developed by Trinity Group, the types of units in Yukata Suites are Mokuzai, Kaza, and Mizu with 2 bedrooms (73 m2) and 3 bedrooms (115 m2). In addition, there are also three and four-bedroom penthouse types for residents who want more privacy or extended family.   Yukata Suites offers luxury facilities such as swimming pools, children's playgrounds, BBQ areas, zen garden, function rooms, lounges, contemplation gardens, reading areas, indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, lap pool along 50 m, sun decks, private elevators, and 24-hour security. Each unit uses a smart toilet system with advanced technology.   Yukata Suites is an apartment with a Japanese concept that uses 5 concepts of architectural elements: Earth, Air, Water, Wood, and Iron. Modern Japanese art that is applied to its architecture will provide a 4-dimensional therapy experience. As an exclusive high-end apartment, Yukata Suites targets the upscale market and Japanese expatriate.  



Springwood Residence is a vertical residence located right in the business center of Serpong, Tangerang. This residential location is surrounded by 2 easy accesses to the toll road (Serpong and Alam Sutera). You also only need 3 minutes to Binus University, Living World and Mall @ Alam Sutera, and 5 minutes to Summarecon Mall Serpong. In addition, this apartment is also close to the Omni Hospital and office building area.   Springwood Residence offers a choice of unit types in the form of a studio, one-bedroom and two bedrooms with sizes ranging from 22.50 to 52.50 square meters. Each unit is elegantly designed to provide maximum comfort for its residents. This apartment is also equipped with various facilities, such as swimming pool, meeting room, sky lounge, garden party area, children's playground, fitness center, large parking area, commercial area, 24-hour security with surveillance cameras, and free bus service to the University Binus and Alam Sutera Mall.   As the developer of Springwood Residence, PT Triniti Dinamik has completed construction work on this project at the end of 2016. As a 30-story single tower apartment, this apartment includes 1,044 apartment units that are now 100 percent sold. In early 2017, this project has begun to be handed over gradually to consumers. This is a matter of pride for developers because they are able to complete the construction and sale of projects on target in the midst of a difficult economic situation.   The Springwood Residence project was undertaken by cooperating with a state-owned company, PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) (Persero) as a contractor. Selected product specifications are also from various leading brands, such as window panels from YKK, Toto and Grohe sanitary ware, Schindler for elevators, and so on. The appearance of the building's facade also uses a luxurious glass finish. This effort was made to gain the trust of consumers and it was proven that the sale of this project was relatively fast (only around 6 months).   This is why Springwood Residence is a perfect place to live and a promising investment in the future. With an affordable low-end price, this apartment also targets students as residents. On the other hand, this apartment is also suitable to be inhabited by newly married couples and employees.  



The Brooklyn Apartment is one of the apartments located right on Jalan Utama Alam Sutera, Tangerang. The location is in the heart of Alam Sutera, so you only need 5 minutes to reach this apartment from the Merak-Jakarta toll road. This apartment is also just a step away from Sports Center, Living World Mall, Omni Hospital, and Flavor Bliss.   Some shopping malls close to The Brooklyn Apartment are Living World, Mall of Alam Sutra, and IKEA. In addition, there are also cathedral churches, mosques, Laurentia kindergarten-high school, modern markets, Omni hospitals, and Flavor Bliss (a gathering place for several well-known restaurants such as Sushi Tei, Wendy's, Holy Smoke, and many more).   The building of The Brooklyn Apartment uses a mixed-use concept consisting of apartment buildings, SoHo and premium offices. Built on a 10.000m2-land, this apartment will have 2 apartment towers, a commercial area and a mall consisting of Suites, SoHo, offices, and shophouses. The available units are Studio (34.79 m2), 1 BR (45.1 m2), 2 BR (66.88 m2), SoHo (81.04 m2) and penthouses ranging in size from 88.75 to 185 m2.   The Brooklyn Apartment pampers its residents with various facilities. You can enjoy green open areas, commercial areas, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers, private access cards, and 24-hour security and surveillance cameras. There is also alfresco cafe and dining, a children's playground, elevators with private access cards, and underground parking.   From The Brooklyn Apartment, you have direct access to the Alam Sutera–Kebun Jeruk Toll exit. The street row in front of the apartment project consists of 8 2-way car lanes. You only need a few minutes to Living World Mall, Mercure Hotel, Omni Hospital, and Flavor Bliss, 5 minutes to Mall of Alam Sutera and Binus University, 7 minutes to Toll Jakarta.   With a Full Glass Building Exterior, this apartment was designed by Urbane (Bakrie Tower Brass Architect) with the Building Operator is Coldwell Banker Commercial. The Brooklyn Apartment is an exclusive area to live and work for young entrepreneurs/executives and new families with a modern and classic lifestyle. With medium-end prices, this apartment provides comfort and security for its residents as well as being a promising investment in the future.  

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