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PT Summarecon Agung Tbk. (“Summarecon”) was founded in 1975 by Mr. Soetjipto Nagaria and his associates to undertake real estate construction and development. Starting with a 10-hectare of marsh land in the then back-waters of Jakarta, the founders managed to transform this location of Kelapa Gading into one of the most affluent residential and commercial areas in Jakarta.

And over the years Summarecon has built a reputation as one of the leading property players in Indonesia, especially in the development of townships.

Summarecon develops townships which integrates residential developments with commercial developments that are supported with a wide and complete range of amenities for the residents of the townships. 

Summarecon’s business units are now grouped into three distinct activities : Property Development, Property Investment and Management Leisure, Hospitality and others.



Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 42 Jakarta 13210


(021) 4714567, (021) 4892107

Daftar Proyek Oleh Summarecon Agung

The SpringLake Summarecon Bekasi


The SpringLake Apartment Bekasi is an 8-hectare mixed use area that combines the concept of residential comfort in a modern apartment with commercial functions in a beautiful lake feel. This residential project is designed in a contemporary modern architecture style, dedicated to urbanites that crave modern and compact life with complete facilities and professional apartment management.   The SpringLake Apartment Bekasi is built with the concept of contemporary modern architecture. This residence has a height of 26 floors supported by 4 passenger elevators, 1 freight elevator and magnificent main entrance in each of its towers. Each occupant will get the maximum view, namely city view, lake view, pool view and yard yard view. This apartment is supported by adequate parking facilities in the form of 3 parking levels and on-ground.   The SpringLake Apartment Bekasi pampers residents with all the conveniences and comfort of amenities. You can enjoy an inner court covering an area of ??7,100 m2, which consists of an olympic size and thematic area swimming pool, jogging track, reflexology path, and outdoor fitness. Lakeside leisure features such as alfresco dining and food court will present a new experience in dining comfort with views of the lake at The SpringLake and beautiful green surroundings.   In addition, The SpringLake Apartment Bekasi provides a means of partying or gathering together in the form of a multi-function room, barbecue area, gazebo, prayer room and reading garden. Commercial facilities in the form of retail shops, mini markets, and laundry are also available. To improve security, this apartment is supported by 24-hour access and security cards along with CCTV, driver area, and comfortable guest lobby.   The SpringLake Apartment Bekasi is part of the City of Summarecon Bekasi which was developed on 240 ha of land, designed as a modern compact city as an icon of a residential area that is comfortable with a beautiful environment, a leading commercial center, and equipped with various city-scale facilities. The city of Summarecon Bekasi has shown its figure as a modern city that continues to grow sustainably which builds. In the future, the City of Summarecon Bekasi will become the latest community destination for tourism, recreation, sports, hobbies, culinary, education, and music and culture at the city gate of Jakarta.  


Jakarta Utara

Summerville Apartment is located in the Kelapa Gading Permai landscape complex, North Jakarta, which is quiet and comfortable to live in. This apartment has 41 units spread over more than 5 blocks, where each building consists of 3 floors with friendly and efficient service. Each room is spacious and elegantly designed to ideally stay for a long time in Jakarta. This apartment provides easy access to Bekasi, Pulo Gadung, Tanjung Priok Port Industrial Zone, Cawang Interchange, International School and to the toll road to Soekarno-Hatta Airport.   Summerville Apartment was developed by Summarecon Agung, a company that has been established since 1975. Starting from a swamp area of ??10 hectares in the interior of Jakarta, its founders managed to turn Kelapa Gading into one of the most prosperous residential and commercial areas in Jakarta. Summarecon has built a reputation as one of the leading property players in Indonesia, especially in the development of cities that integrate housing development with commercial developments and various complete facilities for its residents   Each unit of Summerville Apartment has been equipped with classy and quality furniture. You will get kitchenware including gas stoves, hoods, refrigerators, ovens and coffee machines, washing machines, water heaters and air conditioners in bedrooms and guest rooms, and 50 cable TV channels. There are also private telephone lines with IDD, intercoms / alarms directly connected to security, emergency power backup generators, fire safety systems with smoke and heat detectors. Do not forget there is also a fire extinguisher, private balcony and maid's room.   Summerville Apartment building facilities include 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance, 24-hour maintenance, laundry, dry cleaning, cleaning services, internet access and professional tenant staff. For those who have KKG membership, you can enjoy a fitness club (gym & sauna), an Olympic-size swimming pool and whirlpool, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, squash and table tennis, jogging trails, karaoke rooms, children's playgrounds children, restaurants and function rooms.   There are also other facilities for residents of Summerville Apartment, namely access to the Kelapa Gading Club. Kelapa Gading Club is the most complete and comfortable family club that is an oasis in Summarecon Kelapa Gading. With complete sports facilities and meeting rooms, Kelapa Gading Club is a means for perfect living needs, a blend of suitable life and a healthy lifestyle.

Rainbow Spring Condovillas


Rainbow Springs CondoVillas is the latest project from Summarecon that combines the comfort of a residence with a broad perspective to a green open garden and efficiency from a practical layout that facilitates reach to every area. This place is the first Condovillas residence in Indonesia, and the building consists of 5 floors and only has 4 residential units on each floor and has a greening concept that everyone wants in the middle of the city.   Through Rainbow Springs CondoVillas, Summarecon Serpong which is a subsidiary of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk strives to provide the concept of modern and dynamic living which is equipped with a variety of outdoor facilities, wider spaces and tropical designs with a contemporary villa concept. Revolutionary innovations combined with architecture and landed houses like this are increasingly being targeted by the public.   Rainbow Springs CondoVillas presents optimal lighting and air circulation in each unit, so that it can be said that aspects of comfort, safety and healthy occupancy are well considered. The facilities offered are very complete for the size of small buildings, such as swimming pools, basketball courts, skateboards and 7 parks consisting of Contemplatine Protection Park, Oasis Bloom Gardens, Woodland Search Parks, Gymnastics Quarter Parks, Holiday Recreation Parks, Ecplore Ego Parks and Parks lakefront esplanade. Of course, you don't miss 24-hour security, CCTV and parking.   The Rainbow Springs CondoVillas area has fresh air and green scenery, such as the view of Lake Grisea which gives its residents a cool and beautiful atmosphere. In this area there are also Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS), Scientia Square Park (SQP), Church CCMY Church / Basilea Convention center, The Spring Club area, St. Hospital. and other Instagramable restaurants and cafes. Other locations that can be reached are Pasar Modern Simpasa, Gading Raya Golf, and a collection of educational institutions such as Multimedia Nusantara University, Pradita University, Pahoa International School, Stella Maris International School and Tarakan Nita International School. For those of you who have family members who are still in school, staying at Rainbow Springs CondoVillas will certainly greatly facilitate transportation access to these schools.

The Primrose Condovilla


The Primrose Condovilla

Serpong Midtown


Serpong Midtown Apartment is an integrated superblock located right in front of Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang. With a very strategic location, this superblock is surrounded by various supporting facilities for daily life. You can visit hospitals (St. Carolus and Bethesda Hospital), schools and universities (Pahoa School, BPK Penabur, Tunas Bangsa, Media Nusantara University, Surya Research & Education Center, and Surya University), markets, and many more.   Serpong Midtown Apartment is very easy to access because it is close to the tollgate. Thus, you can reach Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in just 20 minutes. This house is also close to the JORR toll road and also the Kebon Jeruk toll road. Of course, this increases comfort for Midtown residents who want to work or undergo other activities.   Serpong Midtown Apartment is divided into three parts, namely Midtown Residence, Midtown Signature, and Commercial District. For housing in the Midtown Residence and Signature section, there are six towers: Avery Tower, Bryant Tower, Carmel Tower, Dakota Tower, Ellis Tower, and Franklin Tower. Meanwhile, Midtown Signature consists of four towers: Galaxy Tower, Herald Tower, Imperial Tower, and Jefferson Tower.   At Serpong Midtown Apartment, there are up to 3BR studio units available at Midtown Residence and Signature. The size of these units can vary in Midtown Residence and Signature even though they are the same type. For example, 1BR in Midtown Residence has an area of ??28 - 30 m2. Meanwhile, 1BR in Midtown Signature has an area of ??35 - 36 m2.   Serpong Midtown Apartment was launched by Summarecon Serpong in November 2014. With its prime selling price, which is quite affordable and a very strategic location right in the heart of Gading Serpong, investing in this apartment will provide a great profit for you in the future. Developed with the concept of a resort that provides luxury, comfort, and complete facilities, this apartment also upholds the concept of a green atmosphere.   Serpong Midtown Apartment is a great choice for professionals, new families or established families. In addition, Serpong M-Town is a residential offering for those who want a modern lifestyle in an apartment and office complex that is close to the green area and Gading Raya Padang Golf. Located directly opposite the Summarecon Mall Serpong, the area designed as a residential as well as offices and commercial areas is equipped with modern facilities, but still clad in the concept of a resort that integrates with nature.  

Sherwood Residence

Jakarta Utara

Sherwood Residence is an apartment located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. This apartment stands on an area of ??2.8 ha and has 3 towers with a total of 23 floors. Each tower is equipped with 3 elevator units to provide comfort for traveling residents. In addition, this apartment is located in the main area of ??Kelapa Gading, which is famous as an area that provides various conveniences in reaching many public facilities around the apartment.   Sherwood Residence combines a residential concept with modern architecture surrounded by a lush tropical forest (1.2ha) area of ??72% of the total land area. The number of units offered is 5-6 per floor with the best tropical forest view overlooking the pool view and city view. Thus, staying in this apartment seems to provide an oasis of new comfort that is soothing like a resort in the northern part of Jakarta.   With main access from Jl. Nias and secondary access from Jl. Midrib, Sherwood Residence is so close to Sentra Kelapa Gading that provides various places for you and your family to do all activities. The location of the apartment can also be reached in minutes to enter access toll Ir. Wiyoto Wiyono, North Jakarta. All of this is certainly able to give you a variety of convenience and speed in reaching your place of activity.   The main facilities provided by Sherwood Residence include parking lots, terraces & roof gardens, telephone & fax, broadband Internet systems, cable TV, and video telephone systems. Enjoyable recreational facilities including an adult swimming pool, children's pool, BBQ party area, fitness center, walking & jogging track, library, karaoke room, entertainment & game room, children's playground, and children's club.   Business facilities at Sherwood Residence that can be used by residents include a function room, reception lounge, mini-market, dry cleaning/laundry, cafe & restaurant, pre-school, service management, and 24-hour concierge service. The security of the building is also guaranteed by the existence of a 24-hour CCTV surveillance system, sprinkler/fire extinguisher, and occupant access card.   From Sherwood Residence, you only need 7 minutes walk or 2 minutes drive to Kelapa Gading Mall, 9 minutes to Mitra Kelapa Gading Hospital, 12 minutes to Balai Samudera, 13 minutes to the Toll Gate and 20 minutes to Jakarta Golf Club or 28 Minutes of JIEXPO Kemayoran. Furthermore, you also only need a 5-minute drive to the Kelapa Gading jogging track, 9 minutes drive to Bounce Street Asia Trampoline, 12 minutes to Mall of Indonesia, 28 minutes drive to water sports, such as jet ski and water skiing on Lake Sunter Barat.  

SpringLake View


Located close by Bekasi Barat toll exit and Bekasi Station, The SpringLake Bekasi is located in a very strategic location. In addition to that, this apartment is integrated with Sentra Summarecon bekasi: Downtown Walk, Bekasi Food City, Harris Hotel. Also located straight across and has a direct access to Summarecon Mall Bekasi via skybridge and underpass. An exclusive modern lifestyle with Urban Oase concept, this apartment offers a lot of interesting facilities: An interesting spacious green space with various outdoor facilities, 24-hour security with CCTV, Fitness and outdoor sports, BBQ Area, Jogging Track, Food Court, Multi Function Room, individual entrance lobby for each tower, also 3 level & on ground parking area. There are two ready to occupy towers, Elodea and Freesia, each of them has 26 floors. There are two types of unit you can choose, Studio and 2 BR. In addition to the two towers above, there are still another two towers to be constructed.

Wisma Gading Permai

Jakarta Utara

Wisma Gading Permai (WGP) is the first apartment from Summarecon Agung. Located right on Jalan Boulevard Raya, this apartment is on the main access road in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, where the area is passed by various public transport routes. The management provides a free shuttle bus every 1 hour by route: Kelapa Gading Mall - Wisma - Ivory Kusuma - Kelapa Gading Club - Gading Mediterranean Apartment - Paladian Apartment, so this service greatly facilitates its residents to carry out daily activities.   Wisma Gading Permai is very close to Lottemart shopping center and Mitra Kelapa Gading Hospital. To stay in this apartment, you can invest in units such as type one, two, and three bedrooms of a large size (ranging from 37, 52 and 100 square meters) according to your convenience. This apartment has a total of 19 floors.   Wisma Gading Permai is equipped with complete facilities of the highest quality to pamper each of its residents. You can enjoy children's playgrounds, access cards, mini markets, restaurants, jogging areas, swimming pools, and a large parking area both underground and outdoor. In addition, there is also a gym, parking, laundry services, and 24-hour security. For those of you who like to read and collect books, you can visit the Immanuel Bookstore on foot from the apartment.   LRT stops will be in front of Wisma Gading Permai, followed by taxi stands, and of course a free shuttle bus service by Summarecon Kelapa Gading every 1 hour. This apartment is also very close to Rukan Gading Batavia, Bank BCA, Mandiri, and various culinary places (Bakmie Aloi, Clairmont Patisserie Kelapa Gading, Domino’s Pizza, Amyrea Art & Kitchen, Holycow Steakhouse, Pizza Hut Delivery, and many more).   Wisma Gading Permai offers comfortable housing at medium-end prices. This apartment is perfect for singles, newly married couples, as well as young families who like a modern lifestyle. This apartment has proven itself as one of the favorite choices for young families with a modern lifestyle who want a practical life in the Summarecon Kelapa Gading area.  

The Kensington Royal Suites

Jakarta Utara

The Kensington Royal Suites is an apartment located in the Summarecon Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta. This apartment stands on an area of ??4 ha and is an exclusive residence with a lifestyle resort. This apartment carries the concept of a mixed-use development that integrates apartments, offices and other commercial buildings in one place.   The Kensington Royal Suites is also surrounded by various public facilities such as banking, shopping, and entertainment in the form of culinary tours, Gading Food City, Kelapa Gading Mall, La Piazza, and many more. If you want to use the apartment's internal facilities, you can enjoy the terrace & podium garden, adult swimming pool, children's pool, fitness center, yoga platform, jogging track, BBQ/party area, children's playground, library, kids club kids and Jacuzzi.   Other facilities available at The Kensington Royal Suites include a lounge, garden lawn, gazebo, amphitheater, mini market, dry cleaning/laundry, kindergarten, elementary school, health center, function room, reception lounge, business center, meeting room, TV cable, telephone & fax, broadband Internet system, and 24-hour concierge service. For 24-hour security a card key security system, video telephone system and fire extinguisher are available.   The Kensington Royal Suites has contemporary modern architecture. By putting a sturdy building and unique design as a new icon in the Kelapa Gading area, this apartment creates a harmonious open space concept architecture that blends with the green landscape for real comfort. You can enjoy a shady and spacious green landscape that can keep you refreshed and calm after a day of activities.   The Kensington Royal Suites presents two types of premium apartments namely Royal and Suites. Royal is a more luxurious type of apartment. Each unit at the Royal has been equipped with air conditioning, a luxurious marble room floor, and a kitchen set. Especially for the bedroom has been equipped with a parquet floor. Royal is in the Addington tower, which consists of 31 floors and the Belmont tower, which consists of 27 floors. The building area in Royal ranges from 93 m2 to 149 m2.   While the type of Suites, which are in the Clifford tower and Dallington tower, each of which consists of 25 floors, has a building area ranging from 31 m2 to 101 m2 and offers housing that has guaranteed safety and comfort.   The Kensington Royal Suites is ready to provide a new lifestyle as a balance for your life in the midst of the rush of business.  


Jakarta Utara

The Summit Apartment is an apartment built in the area of ??Sentra Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. This apartment stands on an area of ??2.5 ha and consists of 2 towers, the Everest tower and the Alpine tower in a contemporary style. With a total of 24 floors and 386 units, this apartment has more value thanks to its structure that is directly integrated with Kelapa Gading mall, Gading Food City, and La Piazza.   Each unit at The Summit Apartment offers complete facilities such as a kitchen with a Nobilia set, full marble, cable TV channels, water heaters, and so on. 24-hour security with a CCTV system is also prepared in public areas, supported by card access with videophones in each unit that will allow apartment residents to see visitors who come before opening the door of the unit.   Other facilities at The Summit Apartment that are complete and pamper its residents are multi-function rooms, children's playgrounds, laundry, tennis courts, grocery stores, gyms, spas, and saunas, to libraries. There is also a full-size swimming pool, ATM center, mini market, café, and jogging track. This apartment is the only apartment in Kelapa Gading that is located directly connected to Kelapa Gading Mall, so residents do not have to drive a vehicle and look for a parking area.   Residents of The Summit Apartment can go directly from the apartment to the mall in just two minutes, and enjoy direct access to all the complete needs available at MKG 1, 2 and 3. With a one-stop living concept that offers a modern and practical lifestyle, it is not surprising that this apartment is so strategic and accommodating. For those of you and families who like to take an excursion on weekends, there are several tourist attractions in North Jakarta such as Ancol, Pantai Indah Kapuk, and Pluit, which can be easily reached from this apartment.   The Summit Apartment is a luxury and strategic apartment, very suitable for executives and business people who have high mobility, especially in the northern region of Jakarta. Another comfort that will be felt by residents is the easy access to various public facilities such as culinary, business and entertainment in Sentra Kelapa Gading. This certainly makes it easy for you to shop for daily needs, culinary tours, and get various entertainments such as movies in theaters, watching live music, and so on in just one area.  

Scientia Apartment


Scientia Residences is part of Scientia Square in Serpong, Tangerang. Scientia Square is a 9-hectare land that is designated as a center for activities and entertainment in Scientia Garden. Some facilities that are part of Scientia Square include SDC Serpong, SQP (Scientia Square Park), Garden Walk, and F&B Pads. Consisting of 4 tower blocks, the types of units offered are studio type, type 1 bedroom, and type 2 bedroom.   Located in Gading Serpong right next to the Scientia Mall, Scientia Residences is 5 minutes to the Multimedia Nusantara University Campus (UMN), Surya University and Surya Research Center. In addition, the apartment is surrounded by the Giant Hypermarket shopping center, Bethsaida Hospital, Fame Hotel, Summarecon Car Exchange, and has easy access to BSD.   With the availability of quality apartment units and furnishings, Scientia Residences is equipped with complete facilities for the convenience and comfort of carrying out activities for each occupant. You can enjoy a swimming pool, fitness center, children's playground, mini market, ATM, restaurant, laundry service, basketball court, and 24-hour security.   There is also a Scientia Garden area with a total area of ??200 hectares designed as an integrated area with the tagline "Smart and Green Environment". This area is called "Smart" because it is supported by various educational and supporting facilities, ranging from Multimedia Nusantara University, Scientia Business Park, Pradita Institute, Scientia Residences, to the green open park, Scientia Square Park.   The Scientia Garden area is a modern technology residential area with the latest technology combined with nature. In this area, environment-oriented systems and activities have also been implemented such as waste recycling, water recycling, rainwater absorption, biopori manufacturing, green open land opening, and always educating residents to always care about the environment.   PT Summarecon Agung Tbk is the developer who built Scientia Residences. This is one of the leading property development companies in Indonesia, which helped develop several integrated cities as satellite cities that will support the development of Jakarta. Summarecon developed this area by having a development permit of 750 hectares, which was previously better known as Gading Serpong.   Scientia Residences offers a comfortable and comfortable environment. This apartment offers medium-end prices and is a suitable residence for families, newly married couples or students.  

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